Usage examples for ghee

  1. Luncheon is much worse, for the food that appears is so incalculably greasy that it argues a more than bowing acquaintance with native ghee – Olivia in India by O. Douglas
  2. The Khasis, except some of the Christian community and some of the people of the Mawkhar, do not use milk, butter, or ghee as articles of food. – The Khasis by P. R. T. Gurdon
  3. The daily ablutions were but half performed; the daily worship of the household gods was omitted altogether for want of the necessary accessories- the metal image, the rice, camphor, sugar and ghee – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  4. We have ghee a clarified butter made of buffalo or cow's milk-" and goor"- unrefined sugar. – Leaves from a Field Note-Book by J. H. Morgan
  5. The Arabs put this strong mixture away in vats to get it even stronger than East Indian ghee – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown
  6. He is also weighed against silk, linen, spices, and even ghee and grains, which are distributed later to the Hindu merchant caste. – The Moghul by Thomas Hoover
  7. He had before this killed many people on that road, especially those carrying pingoes of coco- nut oil and ghee – Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon by J. Emerson Tennent
  8. I gave them a supper of rice, ghee and dates in my hut, and with much difficulty excused myself on plea of ill health from a Samrah or night's entertainment- the chaunting some serious book from evening even to the small hours. – First Footsteps in East Africa or, an Exploration of Harar by Richard F. Burton
  9. I had heard from passing caravans so many extremely favourable reports respecting Ugogo and its productions that it appeared to me a very Land of Promise, and I was most anxious to refresh my jaded stomach with some of the precious esculents raised in Ugogo; but when I heard that Mpwapwa also furnished some of those delicate eatables, and good things, most of the morning hours were spent in inducing the slow- witted people to part with them; and when, finally, eggs, milk, honey, mutton, ghee ground matama and beans had been collected in sufficient quantities to produce a respectable meal, my keenest attention and best culinary talents were occupied for a couple of hours in converting this crude supply into a breakfast which could be accepted by and befit a stomach at once fastidious and famished, such as mine was. – How I Found Livingstone by Sir Henry M. Stanley
  10. Curry as made in England is sometimes not recognisable by a new arrival from India, and Kidgeree is applied to a preparation of rice and fish, whereas it means properly a dish of rice, split peas and butter, or " ghee – Concerning Animals and Other Matters by E.H. Aitken, (AKA Edward Hamilton)
  11. Please heavens the ghee will hold the plaster together round the ring, and oh! – Leonie of the Jungle by Joan Conquest
  12. A similar curd and butter is made by Arabs and stored in vats, the same as in India, the land of ghee where there's no refrigeration. – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown
  13. We spread our hides under a tree, and were soon surrounded by Bedouins, who brought milk, sun- dried beef, ghee and honey in one of the painted wooden bowls exported from Cutch. – First Footsteps in East Africa or, an Exploration of Harar by Richard F. Burton
  14. At 2 P. M. we fell into a narrow fenced lane and halted for a few minutes near a spreading tree, under which sat women selling ghee and unspun cotton. – First Footsteps in East Africa or, an Exploration of Harar by Richard F. Burton