Usage examples for Gayle

  1. Father Gayle returned from the wicket, thinking. – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford
  2. Soon after breakfast Father Gayle took his leave, and the Squire his usual morning stroll round the gardens and shrubbery. – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford
  3. Leaving Gayle behind, we climb up a steep and stony road above the beck until we are soon above the level of green pasturage. – Yorkshire Painted And Described by Gordon Home
  4. The Haldanes were there, and Father Gayle and on this occasion four or five other people; in fact, it was a sort of " send- off" affair, for he was to start early on the following morning. – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford
  5. John Gayle The John Gayle who signs this advertisement, is an Ex- Governor of Alabama. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  6. The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Lady Doc, by Caroline Lockhart, Illustrated by Gayle Hoskins This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. – The Lady Doc by Caroline Lockhart
  7. " Upon my word, Squire, you've missed you're vocation," laughed Father Gayle – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford
  8. " Certainly," answered Wagram; " only we must get hold of Father Gayle for that, because he has got the keys of all the best things." – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford
  9. " Yes; I told Father Gayle because he seemed to have rather a- well, unexalted opinion of the poor girl when we first talked about her," explained Wagram. – The Red Derelict by Bertram Mitford