Usage examples for Gare

  1. When he reached the Gare du Nord the same man passed by him again, just as he was ordering a carriage, and disappeared into the crowd. – Masterman and Son by W. J. Dawson
  2. And now, Monsieur Valmont, it only remains for me to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, and to assure you that I shall march from the Gare du Nord without a tremor, knowing the outcome is in such capable custody. – The Triumphs of Eugène Valmont by Robert Barr
  3. 3300. Inns: H. des Diligences, in the town; at the station, the H. de la Gare. – The South of France--East Half by Charles Bertram Black
  4. I often saw trains stop in what is called a gare regulatrice, where the prisoners are questioned and distributed. – Fighting France by Stephane Lauzanne
  5. M'sieu' said the Gare du Sud? – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  6. Then he dragged Mrs. Blithers off to the Gare de l'Este and took the Express to Vienna. – The Prince of Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon
  7. It was in the evening when I went to take the train from the Gare de l'Est. – The Soul of the War by Philip Gibbs
  8. It was perfectly true: the Gare de Lyon was shut to all civilians; the first shadow of war had come. – No Man's Land by H. C. McNeile
  9. Your Majesty will permit me to be present at the Gare du Nord when you leave this evening. – A Royal Prisoner by Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain
  10. We meet at the Gare de l'Est. – A Son of the Immortals by Louis Tracy
  11. " Drive to the Gare de l'Est and on the way stop at Tarides! – My Home In The Field of Honor by Frances Wilson Huard
  12. When the train reached the Gare de l'Est, in spite of their jibes at his Puritanism, he left them. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  13. In the Gare de Perrache Lanyard witnessed an affecting farewell scene between the little man and Dupont. – Alias The Lone Wolf by Louis Joseph Vance
  14. He took us to the Gare du Nord, where we would just have time to eat something, and catch the boat train for Calais. – The Motor Maid by Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson
  15. Miss Williams insisted we could not miss them if we guarded the Pont Carrousel, and of course this would be the natural way for them to come from the Gare du Nord; but things don't seem to be happening in the natural way here, lately." – Molly Brown's Orchard Home by Nell Speed
  16. I arrived about sunset- I suppose at St. Lazare or the Gare du Nord- sent my luggage to the little hotel in the Rue d'Antin where I had taken rooms, and dreading their loneliness decided to go direct to a restaurant and dine. – The Passionate Friends by Herbert George Wells
  17. At the appointed hour the brother and sister drove to the Gare du Nord. – Zibeline, Complete by Phillipe de Massa Last Updated: March 2, 2009
  18. I went to the drawer this morning, having been uneasy about so large a sum- it was arranged that I should see Miste off from the Gare du Nord. – Dross by Henry Seton Merriman
  19. The boat was quiet, and before her lay the quay of Calais and the Gare Maritime. – The Amazing Interlude by Mary Roberts Rinehart