Definitions of galley

  1. a large medieval vessel with a single deck propelled by sails and oars with guns at stern and prow; a complement of 1, 000 men; used mainly in the Mediterranean for war and trading
  2. ( classical antiquity) a crescent- shaped seagoing vessel propelled by oars
  3. A name given by analogy to the Greek, Roman, and other ancient vessels propelled by oars.
  4. A light, open boat used on the Thames by customhouse officers, press gangs, and also for pleasure.
  5. One of the small boats carried by a man- of- war.
  6. An oblong oven or muffle with a battery of retorts; a gallery furnace.
  7. An oblong tray of wood or brass, with upright sides, for holding type which has been set, or is to be made up, etc.
  8. A proof sheet taken from type while on a galley; a galley proof.
  9. A large vessel for war and national purposes; - common in the Middle Ages, and down to the 17th century.
  10. The cookroom or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel; - sometimes on merchant vessels called the caboose.
  11. A low, flat, one- decked vessel moved by oars, and sometimes by sails; an open boat; the cook house of a ship; in printing, a narrow oblong tray for holding set- up type.
  12. A long, low- built ship with one deck, propelled by oars: ( on board ship) the place where the cooking is done: a kind of boat attached to a ship- of- war: ( print.) the frame which receives the type from the composing- stick.
  13. Long low ship with one deck; cooking- place on board ship; frame for holding type set up.
  14. A seagoing vessel propelled by oars; barge.
  15. The cooking place on board ship.
  16. Print. A long tray for holding composed type.
  17. A one- decked vessel navigated with sails and oars, used in the Mediterranean; a light open boat; the kitchen of a ship; in printing, the frame which receives the types from the composing- stick.