Definitions of gage

  1. To measure. See Gauge, v. t.
  2. To measure; to find out, as the contents of any receptacle. Also, gauge.
  3. To bind by pledge or security.
  4. To measure. Same as GAUGE.
  5. To bind by pledge.
  6. To measure; estimate.
  7. To give as a pledge; pawn; wager.
  8. place a bet on; " Which horse are you backing?"; " I'm betting on the new horse"
  9. To pledge; to give as a pledge; to bind by pledge; to engage.
  10. To measure; to gauge. See Gauge.
  11. To pledge; to wager.
  12. To measure- see gauge.
  13. a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.
  14. A pledge or pawn; something laid down or given as a security for the performance of some act by the person depositing it, and forfeited by nonperformance; security.
  15. A glove, cap, or the like, cast on the ground as a challenge to combat, and to be taken up by the accepter of the challenge; a challenge; a defiance.
  16. A variety of plum; as, the greengage; also, the blue gage, frost gage, golden gage, etc., having more or less likeness to the greengage. See Greengage.
  17. To give or deposit as a pledge or security for some act; to wage or wager; to pawn or pledge.
  18. To bind by pledge, or security; to engage.
  19. A measure or standard. See Gauge, n.
  20. A wedge with a graduated edge, to measure the width of a space into which it is thrust.
  21. A standard of measure; a measuring rod.
  22. A promise or agreement; a security; a kind of plum; a challenge to fight; a glove, cap, or the like thrown on the ground as a challenge to fight.
  23. A pledge: security for the fulfillment of a promise: something thrown down as a challenge, as a glove.
  24. An instrument for measuring capacity or dimensions; a standard.
  25. Something given or thrown down as security, as for a combat; a pledge; a challenge.
  26. A pledge; something given as a security, which is forfeited on non- fulfilment of the pledge; something thrown down as a challenge, to be taken up by the one who accepts it.
  27. A measure or rule of measuring; a standard.
  28. A variety of plum.
  29. A pledge or security; a glove or cap, & c., thrown to the ground as a challenge to combat.
  30. In weather- gage, the windward of a ship.