Definitions of Gabbatha

  1. high; elevated
  2. Gab Baitha, i.e., " the ridge of the house" = " the temple-mound," on a part of which the fortress of Antonia was built. This " temple-mound" was covered with a tesselated " pavement" ( Gr. lithostroton, i.e., " stone-paved"). A judgement-seat ( bema) was placed on this " pavement" outside the hall of the " praetorium" ( q.v.), the judgment-hall ( John 18:28 ; 19:13 ).
  3. ( elevated; a platform ) the Hebrew or Chaldee appellation of a place, also called " Pavement," where the judgment-seat or bema was planted, from his place on which Pilate delivered our Lord to death. ( John 19:13 ) It was a tessellated platform outside the praetorium, on the western hill of Jerusalem, for Pilate brought Jesus forth from thence to it.
  4. gab'a-thä, n. the place where Pilate sat at the trial of Jesus, a tessellated pavement outside the prætorium. [ Heb., ' platform.']