Usage examples for funding

  1. " Why, Mutual Funding says Mr. Robert. – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  2. " Then you know he lost his federal funding at Stanford a few years back, when he was at a critical stage of his research using stem cells. – Syndrome by Thomas Hoover
  3. Noda just brought in a whole new load of funding – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  4. " Quite so," says he; " nor I. It so happens, though, that the gentleman whose name appears as president of our Mutual Funding Company is- well, hardly in active business life. – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  5. But the Center had outside funding was doing vital work, and she was darn well going to stay independent. – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  6. Our funding request for our Strategic Defense Initiative is less than 2 percent of the total defense budget. – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan
  7. 9. Does funding a debt lessen it? – The Teaching of History by Ernest C. Hartwell
  8. He touched on the merits of the funding system, observed there was a difference of opinion about it, some thinking it very bad, others very good; that experience was the only criterion of right which he knew, and this alone would decide which opinion was right. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  9. For himself, he upheld the funding system, that is, the plan of shelving the debt upon the future. – William Pitt and the Great War by John Holland Rose
  10. I'm going in now for a chat with your father, Bob, and if he mentions funding I shall stuff my fingers in my ears and run. – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  11. She didn't bother with any of Allan Stern's funding – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  12. Losing control of the computers, and all the data, project proposals and costing, was a good way to lose out on a bid and its often considerable funding – Underground by Suelette Dreyfus
  13. As Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton proposed not only the funding and assumption plans, but the national bank and the mint. – A Brief History of the United States by John Bach McMaster
  14. But a great deal of what we have committed needs additional funding to become a tangible realization. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  15. The Funding party, realizing that they had made a mistake in their way of settling the debt, changed front and adopted the Readjuster theory or plan of scaling down. – Life Gleanings by T. J. Macon
  16. The gradual reduction of the currency is the only measure that can save the business of the country from disastrous calamities, and this can be almost imperceptibly accomplished by gradually funding the national circulation in securities that may be made redeemable at the pleasure of the Government. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. " We are hoping," says he, " that the gate's loss will be the Funding Company's gain." – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  18. Does this mean you plan to increase your funding for the Fifth Generation effort? – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover