Definitions of frying

  1. The process denoted by the verb fry.

Usage examples for frying

  1. Put them in a frying- pan with the butter, and let them fry for about 3 minutes; then lay them in a small stewpan, and pour over them the gravy. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  2. Dave had two frying pans hot over a fire. – The High School Boys' Fishing Trip by H. Irving Hancock
  3. When the iron stove was brought up the man who had carried it showed them how to put it up on stakes and start a fire in it, and then Trafford went to the river to get water, and Marjorie made a kind of flour cake in the frying- pan in the manner an American woman from the wilderness had once shown her, and boiled water for tea. – Marriage by H. G. Wells
  4. Benson, you might put on the frying- pan. – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  5. " Well," said Dr. Lavendar, " I hope you haven't got him merely out of the frying- pan." – The Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland