Definitions of freight

  1. To load with goods, as a ship, or vehicle of any kind, for transporting them from one place to another; to furnish with freight; as, to freight a ship; to freight a car.
  2. To load with goods for hauling; hire or charter.
  3. To load a ship.
  4. To load as a ship, & c.
  5. To load; transport.
  6. load with goods for transportation
  7. To load with goods, as a ship, with a view to their transportation; to hire for this purpose.
  8. To load with goods for transport by water; to engage or hire for transport of goods.
  9. transport commercially as cargo
  10. That with which anything in fraught or laden for transportation; lading; cargo, especially of a ship, or a car on a railroad, etc.; as, a freight of cotton; a full freight.
  11. The sum paid by a party hiring a ship or part of a ship for the use of what is thus hired.
  12. The price paid a common carrier for the carriage of goods.
  13. Freight transportation, or freight line.
  14. transportation, or freight line.
  15. The goods with which a vessel, car, etc., is loaded; cargo; method of transporting bulky goods by common carriers, often slowly, as distinguished from express; the sum paid or charged for hauling goods.
  16. The lading or cargo, esp. of a ship: merchandise, live stock and produce transported on other than fast express trains on American railways: the charge for transporting goods by water, or by rail.
  17. Lading of a ship, railway car, & c.; charge for transportation.
  18. Goods transported, or the price of transportation; that with which anything is laden.
  19. Freightage.
  20. Freighter.
  21. The cargo or any part of the cargo of a ship; the sum charged or paid for the transportation of goods by water; goods transported by railway.
  22. The cargo or part of the cargo of a ship; the hire of a ship; the charge or price for transporting goods by water.
  23. Used for hauling goods.
  24. For transporting goods.