Quotes of freed

  1. I was a little girl in World War II and I'm used to being freed by Americans. – Madeleine Albright
  2. Washington, not Jefferson, freed his slaves upon his death. – Stephen Ambrose
  3. I read a funny story about how the Republicans freed the slaves. The Republicans are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600's. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republican. – Marion Berry
  4. This man is freed from servile bands, Of hope to rise, or fear to fall; Lord of himself, though not of lands, And leaving nothing, yet hath all. – George Byron
  5. Most of the slaves, who were thus unconditionally freed returned without any solicitation to their former masters, to serve them, at stated wages; as free men. The work, which they now did, was found to better done than before. – Thomas Clarkson
  6. In examining the evidence of the Christian religion, it is essential to the discovery of truth that we bring to the investigation a mind freed as far as possible, from existing prejudice, and open to conviction. – Simon Greenleaf
  7. President Reagan was a leader at a time when the American people most needed leadership. He outlined a vision that captured the imagination of the free world, a vision that toppled the Communist empire and freed countless millions. – Dennis Hastert
  8. No slavery can be abolished without a double emancipation, and the master will benefit by freedom more than the freed -man. – Thomas Huxley
  9. May God be with me! May Heaven bless this New Year. May it be a year of fruitfulness, of peace and prosperity; may it be a year of peace and unity for all mankind; may the world be freed of cholera. – Giacomo Meyerbeer
  10. The first time I went to New York, I met Alan Freed – Johnny Rivers
  11. We ourselves can die with comfort and even with joy if we know that death is but a passport to blessedness, that this intellect, freed from all material chains, shall rise and shine. – Matthew Simpson
  12. We are the only class in history that has been left to fight its battles alone, unaided by the ruling powers. White labor and the freed black men had their champions, but where are ours? – Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  13. The habit of being happy enables one to be freed or largely freed from the domination of outward conditions. – Robert Louis Stevenson
  14. I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. – Harriet Tubman
  15. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Robert Lincoln bought a nice ski lodge. – Sarah Vowell

Usage examples for freed

  1. All the town is cleared as they go to meet them, and knights and vassals join in shouting as they approach: " Welcome to my lord Gawain, who has brought back the Queen and many another captive lady, and has freed for us many prisoners!" – Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" by Chretien DeTroyes
  2. Was the time coming when he would be freed from her? – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  3. " Had you delayed your escape from the pits another two hours," Jaltor was saying, " all of you would have been freed without having to fight for proof of your innocence. – The Return of Tharn by Howard Carleton Browne
  4. So she freed herself from the double embrace, stepped back, and said with calm decision: I do not think it so. – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner
  5. When they were taken on land they lost all hope of ever being freed until they saw their captain. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  6. Yes, we did, and concluded to wait until we saw how the estates could be freed before we came to any conclusion. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  7. They should be freed from all foreign substances and washed with a disinfecting solution. – Common Diseases of Farm Animals by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  8. Our sails were immediately set, and we passed before the wind with such rapidity as soon freed me from my fears of Talton. – The Mysterious Wanderer, Vol. I by Sophia Reeve
  9. You shall be freed poor woman! – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  10. I had " freed my mind," as the old lady said, and felt better. – Thirty Years in the Itinerancy by Wesson Gage Miller
  11. Suppose he is freed inside of a month or two, what then? – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  12. In a few hours we shall have freed the railway lines. – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  13. She freed herself from the grasp of the page, and said: " Nay, that may I not, master page. – Historic Girls by E. S. Brooks
  14. My wife would be freed she would come into my property; and I myself should be free to carry out in quiet the scientific work I'd planned." – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  15. They found a horse before midnight of the night they were freed and went very quickly. – The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  16. Some one freed him. – The Road to Frontenac by Samuel Merwin
  17. He would come for her on the next night but one, and she should be freed – Castle Craneycrow by George Barr McCutcheon
  18. But I ask you on this night that sees you freed from an illusion, to have courage and not yield to depression. – The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  19. Freed from sordid cares about my pocket, I give myself for a little to the spell of that strange scene. – Spanish Highways and Byways by Katharine Lee Bates
  20. He freed himself from the immense pressure upon him by fleeing into the world. – Ã‰mile Verhaeren by Stefan Zweig

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