Quotes of fraternity

  1. I like the religion that teaches liberty equality and fraternity – B. R. Ambedkar
  2. Indians today are governed by two different ideologies Their political ideal set in the preamble of the Constitution affirms a life of liberty equality and fraternity Their social ideal embodied in their religion denies them – B. R. Ambedkar
  3. Fraternity among nations however touches the deepest desire of human nature – Hjalmar Branting
  4. We'd go to the fraternity house It was a good place to practice But we really wanted the kids to overhear us And whoever heard us would go nuts over it – Art Garfunkel
  5. The goal of the EU is to form a region of freedom security and justice Freedom in this connection cannot be just the freedom of the strong but it must be combined with fraternity and equality – Tarja Halonen
  6. We did a whole fraternity house We made them over – Carson Kressley
  7. For if you do then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system And if the whole fraternity system is guilty then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general I put it to you Greg isn't this an indictment of our entire American society – Tim Matheson
  8. Moreover in the experimental sciences the scientific fraternity must test a new theory to destruction if possible – Peter D. Mitchell
  9. As to the first I do not know that I have done very much myself to promote fraternity between nations but I do know that there can be no more important purpose for any man's activity or interests – Lester B. Pearson
  10. The earth is ready the time is ripe for the authoritative expression of the feminine as well as the masculine interpretation of that common social consensus which is slowly writing justice in the State and fraternity in the social order – Anna Garlin Spencer
  11. It is time for everyone to sit down the NCAA the NBA the players union and the coaching fraternity and come up with suitable solutions to these problems – Dick Vitale
  12. You tend to meet on a more regular basis with people in your industry and reality being what it is you tend to meet with them at the particular level that you occupy so that develops a fraternity relationship – Lew Wasserman

Usage examples for fraternity

  1. “ Marriner thought he could cheat and had indeed stolen money in that way from his companions and there was nothing Josiah Slam liked better than dealing with a weaker member of his own fraternity – Dr. Jolliffe's Boys by Lewis Hough
  2. Likewise the widow had proved herself a wonderful hostess as she kept the ball of conversation rolling briskly and induced a spirit of fraternity uncommon in an ordinary dinner party – The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume
  3. And now an added peril came a glimpse of Larry the Bat by any of gangland's fraternity man or woman and it would be the end – The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard
  4. The masses responded to their generous public spirit with gratitude and affection and the universal kindliness and fraternity diffused through all ranks on days of high religious festival or civic interest afforded a very wholesome and gratifying spectacle – Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius by Samuel Dill
  5. In business enterprises again the spirit of fraternity is widely diffused – Monopolies and the People by Charles Whiting Baker
  6. M de Lamartine wrote to me one day thus Your doctrine is only the half of my programme you have stopped at liberty I go on to fraternity – Essays on Political Economy by Frederic Bastiat
  7. Meanwhile he remains an active member of the noble fraternity that has made this corner famous – Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions by Slason Thompson
  8. “ A small boy sat on the foremost seat A mirthful youngster he He beat the time with his restless feet To each new melody And he picked me out as the brightest star Of the black fraternity – Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses by A. B. Paterson
  9. In 1709 there came a new phase in the history of Shakespearian Bibliography when Rowe the poet dramatist at the suggestion of his bookseller who believed that none but a poet should presume to meddle with a poet undertook to present to the world a new edition of Shakespeare's plays in which the player dramatist was for the first time to be brought within the fraternity of academicians ” – Shakespeare in the Theatre by William Poel
  10. In 1872 this building was devoted by the fraternity that had erected it to the education of the orphan children of North Carolina ” – School History of North Carolina by John W. Moore
  11. There were other parents in the planter fraternity of the neighbourhood blessed with good looking daughters and many of them both fathers and mothers had fixed their eyes on the lord of Montagu Castle as a very eligible sample for a son in law –  by
  12. Liberty equality and fraternity Barrington answered – The Light That Lures by Percy Brebner
  13. Bud could have put on a gray slouch hat with either a crimson or an orange band and walked into any good Eastern college fraternity or club he might have chosen – The Golden Bird by Maria Thompson Daviess
  14. It will be a revival in a higher form of the liberty equality and fraternity of the ancient gentes – The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State by Frederick Engels
  15. We defend ourselves from our opponents by converting them to the gospel which breathes everywhere reconciliation and fraternity – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  16. In the first place the facts that a man is personally agreeable that he belongs to the same political party that he belongs to the same lodge or fraternity that his ideas and opinion on matters outside of business agree with his employer's are merely incidental and by no means adequate reasons for employing him – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  17. Liberty equality fraternity or death the last much the easiest to bestow O Guillotine – A Tale of Two Cities A Story of the French Revolution by Charles Dickens
  18. But Kaiser Leopold in the scarlet stockings will not hear of Heritage Fraternity – History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. III. (of XXI.) Frederick The Great--The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg--1412-1718 by Thomas Carlyle
  19. They were a fraternity of men standing together defending their land – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover

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