Definitions of Frangula

  1. A genus of poisonous and rhamnaceous trees and shrubs commonly called buckthorn. The bark and fruit of its many species are commonly used as purgatives. The most common species are Rhamnus cathartica ( purging buckthorn), Rhamnus frangula ( alder buckthorn, a cathartic), and Rhamnus purshiana, the bark of which is the source of CASCARA and EMODIN. Karwinskia humboldtiana of the family Rhamnaceae, known also as tollidora, causes buckthorn polyneuropathy, an ascending paralysis resulting from the ingestion of Karwinskia fruit.
  2. The bark of Rhamnus frangula ( Frangula vulgaris), employed as a laxative or cathartic in doses of gr. 5- 15 ( 0. 3- 1. 0).
  3. A bark with purgative and cathartic properties.

Usage examples for Frangula

  1. Likewise a milder kind of Buckthorn, which is much more useful as a Simple, grows freely in England, the Rhamnus frangula or so- called " black berry- bearing Alder," though this appellation is a mistake, because botanically the Alder never bears any berries. – Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by William Thomas Fernie