Usage examples for frail

  1. They met Andrew Jackson instead- Andrew Jackson in a rage, Andrew Jackson with all the blood in his frail body boiling; and that was a force greatly superior to their own. – Red Eagle and the Wars With the Creek Indians of Alabama. by George Cary Eggleston
  2. Then he looked up and he saw leaning out of the window a maid with gold hair which fell from the window far down the tower, and she was as frail and as lovely as a gentian on the mountains. – The Blue Rose Fairy Book by Maurice Baring
  3. But what deep and permanent mischief can a frail woman do a strong man? – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips
  4. They seemed all too frail to hold the reins of her palfrey, much less to guide him along the rocky road that lay before her. – At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern by Myrtle Reed
  5. That which his right hand had found to do he did with all his might, his frail craft being the admiration of all, while the confidence with which others managed them proved their quality. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  6. This sounded sweetly in the tailor's ears; he put his frail little head out of the window, and shouted: " up here, my good woman, and you'll find a willing customer." – The Blue Fairy Book by Various
  7. Returning now at last he found his mother in frail health, but his father still vigorous and active. – The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller by Calvin Thomas
  8. She looks so frail, at first, I dursn't stir. – The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis
  9. Frail white fingers tapped an arm of the chair as their owner stared gravely into the fire. – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  10. It was a delicate, almost frail, beauty. – Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc
  11. She looked frail and ill, years older than she was. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  12. Ferrier already saw himself at Tallyn once more, with Lady Lucy's frail hand in one of his, the other perhaps on Oliver's shoulder. – The Testing of Diana Mallory by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  13. They won't do anything to her- a child like that- so frail. – Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc
  14. It was as if the sharp and searching light of truth had fallen suddenly upon all the frail and lovely pretences by which she had helped herself to live and to be happy. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  15. I've respected you as my clergyman, sir, as well as for other things; but you're a young man, and human nature is frail. – The Perpetual Curate by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
  16. " I never thought it was right to strike a lady without cause," he says bitterly; " but I'd certainly hate to trust myself with that frail out in some lonely spot, like Price's Addition, where her screams couldn't be heard." – Somewhere in Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  17. She wore the rose- colored birthday gift, but it was not the rose of the shawl that had reflected that faint pink flush to each frail cheek. – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox
  18. Chook felt the girl's frail body pressed against him. – Jonah by Louis Stone
  19. She was a frail- looking woman, upon whose face was a sorrowful and melancholy expression. – Shawn of Skarrow by James Tandy Ellis