Usage examples for forego

  1. But people who have been accustomed to comforts in England should avoid the States, unless they are prepared to forego society, and live the sort of life one leads on a cattle ranch, where nothing in the way of appearance is necessary. – The Truth About America by Edward Money
  2. Neither be in want of conveniences nor be compelled to forego the space of privacy. – Rhyme And Reason - A Compilation Of Verses, Rhymes And Senses by Dom
  3. She now felt that her assumed cheerfulness deceived him so little that, were it not for Belle, she would wholly forego the effort, and end the long, miserable day in her own room. – Without a Home by E. P. Roe
  4. If he quitted France she must forego that. – In the Day of Adversity by John Bloundelle-Burton
  5. Still we are willing to forego even that pleasure, if Sir Percy will but move a finger towards his own freedom. – El Dorado by Baroness Orczy
  6. On further consultation, however, they were induced to forego the pleasure of this horrible sacrifice. – The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II) by Washington Irving
  7. But Massan's sociable disposition came in the way of this plan, and the thought of leading a solitary life always induced him to forego it. – Ungava by R.M. Ballantyne
  8. Who was willing to forego a one- hundred- thousand- dollar prize in order to gain a fortune of many hundreds of thousands? – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve
  9. But when his indignation subsided, he was induced on various accounts to forego that resolution. – Persian Literature, Volume 1,Comprising The Shah Nameh, The Rubaiyat, The Divan, and The Gulistan by Anonymous
  10. Mr Ratman seemed inclined to accept the invitation; but as he was anxious for information just now, he decided to forego the experiment. – Roger Ingleton, Minor by Talbot Baines Reed
  11. Finally, after a long struggle, continued through several days, he resolved to forego the good he had attempted to grasp. – Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them by T. S. Arthur
  12. But the several coats I wore made it difficult to find my change; I thought I had better forego my charity that day, and I walked away. – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  13. If needs be, he would forego the great fortune that awaited him rather than be forced into questionable business methods against which his whole manhood revolted. – The Lion and the Mouse A Story of an American Life by Charles Klein
  14. Their cupidity is equal to their influence, and they never forego any opportunity of making their profit of the poor Kalmuck. – Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. by Xavier Hommaire de Hell
  15. But I do not forego the friendly interest I took in you in the days when you were so continually in my house. – The Parisians, Book 11. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  16. Even if, for reasons over which he could have no control, the father should forego his vengeance, the daughter would take vengeance upon herself, just as she does in the play, and she would be moved to it by that innate or acquired sense of honour which the upper classes inherit- whence? – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg
  17. At the first glance it suggested a safe combination; but after a minute's intent examination, during which the girl could scarcely restrain her eager impatience, I was obliged to forego that idea. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk
  18. " Lorrequer, sit down, my boy, I have much to say to you, and as we have no time to lose, you must forego a little sleep. – The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete by Charles James Lever (1806-1872)