Usage examples for forebode

  1. Not that there was anything in the least terrifying in the strength of the wind- far from it, indeed,- for it was no heavier than a double- reefed topsail breeze, to which the schooner stood up as stiff as a church, but there was a certain indescribable hollowness in the sound of it- that is the only fitting term I can find to apply- that was quite unlike anything that I had heard before, and that somehow seemed, in its weirdness, to indisputably forebode disaster. – The Log of a Privateersman by Harry Collingwood
  2. The latter question was a croaking shriek, which seemed to forebode, while it scarcely admitted, the possibility of such an enormity. – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  3. The boy said nothing more, but, covering himself closer, he lay until the eleventh day, when he spoke again:- My father, said he, the dreams forebode evil. – Good Stories For Great Holidays Arranged for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott
  4. If she did not appear it might forebode the very worst of disasters. – Anxious Audrey by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  5. One of McClellan's aids suggested to the general that the comparative silence of the rebel artillery might forebode evacuation. – Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862 by Adam Gurowski
  6. I forebode A sudden danger from the craven King Of Israel, or else a secret ambush From those who hate us in Damascus. – The Poems of Henry Van Dyke by Henry Van Dyke
  7. There are some, however, who croak and forebode evil; but they are few in number, and of no intelligence,- such as are to be found in every community. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  8. It was Sunday, and the measured patter of the raindrops on the window- panes seemed to forebode a cheerless day, while the dismal light, almost obscured by the lowering clouds and heavy window draperies, produced an air of gloom intensified, perhaps, by the unusual chill of the summer atmosphere. – With Edge Tools by Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
  9. Did not Benito's departure forebode evil for her lover? – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  10. The presses blare its probable approach, And poverty and wealth alike forebode. – Stories in Verse by Henry Abbey
  11. About ten or eleven o'clock at night, the wind veered to the S., and the sky seemed to forebode a storm. – A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr
  12. And did not this forebode the end of everything; might not this destructive fury gain the whole family, overwhelming it as with a blast of folly and hatred after so many years of sterling good sense and strong and healthy affection? – Fruitfulness Fecondite by Emile Zola
  13. I hated to see him get in, it made me forebode. – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  14. You must not lose heart, or be like men without any experience, who fail in a first essay and ever afterwards fearfully forebode a future as disastrous. – The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  15. Wherefore, if thou survivest me, and if, as I forebode, dissension break out between Harold and Tostig, I charge thee by memory of our love, and reverence for my grave, to deem wise and just all that Harold deems just and wise. – Harold, Complete The Last Of The Saxon Kings by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  16. We are blessed with peace at home, and are without entangling alliances abroad to forebode trouble; with a territory unsurpassed in fertility, of an area equal to the abundant support of 500, 000, 000 people, and abounding in every variety of useful mineral in quantity sufficient to supply the world for generations; with exuberant crops; with a variety of climate adapted to the production of every species of earth's riches and suited to the habits, tastes, and requirements of every living thing; with a population of 40, 000, 000 free people, all speaking one language; with facilities for every mortal to acquire an education; with institutions closing to none the avenues to fame or any blessing of fortune that may be coveted; with freedom of the pulpit, the press, and the school; with a revenue flowing into the National Treasury beyond the requirements of the Government. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. Be vigilant, good friend, over my house; for even now, on my return, I thought that two strangers were following my steps, and I forebode some evil in store for me as the chastisement for my sins, even greater than this misery of my daughter's transgression. – Antonina by Wilkie Collins
  18. Then there was the dreaded spectre of the Goblin Friar associated with Newstead Abbey: A monk, arrayed In cowl and beads, and dusky garb, appeared, Now in the moonlight, and now lapsed in shade, With steps that trod as heavy, yet unheard- This apparition was generally supposed to forebode evil to the member of the family to whom it appeared, and its movements have thus been poetically described by Lord Byron, who, it may be added, maintained that he beheld this uncanny spectre before his ill- starred union with Miss Millbanke: By the marriage bed of their lords, 'tis said, He flits on the bridal eve; And 'tis held as faith, to their bed of death He comes- but not to grieve. – Strange Pages from Family Papers by T. F. Thiselton Dyer
  19. As you have said, comrade, an adventurous, reckless life has strong temptation for me; therefore, if Ellen's love is not for me- and I forebode it is not, though I'm not yet ready to resign all hope- I shall take it for a sign that a kind fate is sparing her the woeful doom of a drunkard's wife. – Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman by Willie Walker Caldwell
  20. And what would you forebode for France, and for her ruler? – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau