Usage examples for FLYE

  1. Neyther ought we to flye death, for it is childish to feare it: and in flieng from it, wee meete it. – A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier by Philippe de Mornay Robert Garnier
  2. The byrde is borne to flye. – The Education of Children by Desiderius Erasmus
  3. To see how these yeomen together they fought Two hours of a summer's day, Yet neither Robin Hood nor Sir Guy Them fettled to flye away. – Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism by F. V. N. Painter
  4. " Such pains," wrote he, " cannot endure my hand, nay, not my glove, but flye immediately, though six or eight coats and cloaks be put between the parties' body and my hand, as at York House, the Lady Ranalough's and divers other places, since I came to London." – Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery by Robert Means Lawrence
  5. What a sporte to see the rest flye from that that had the bell! – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  6. As my curious hand or eye, Hovering round thee, let it flye. – Lucasta by Richard Lovelace
  7. Her Chariot ready straight is made, Each thing therein is fitting layde, 130 That she by nothing might be stayde, For naught must be her letting, Foure nimble Gnats the Horses were, Their Harnasses of Gossamere, Flye Cranion her Chariottere, Vpon the Coach- box getting. – Minor Poems of Michael Drayton by Michael Drayton
  8. And to shew you, that there is likewise in Allom a Body, with which the fix'd Salt of the Alcalizate Solution will concoagulate into a Saline Substance differing from either of them, I shall add, that I have taken pleasure to recover out of the slowly exhal'd Liquor, that pass'd through the filtre, and left the foremention'd Calx behind, a Body that at least seem'd a Salt very pretty to look on, as being very White, and consisting of an innumerable company of exceeding slender, and shining Particles, which would in part easily melt at the flame of a Candle, and in part flye away with some little noise. – Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664) by Robert Boyle
  9. If I flye Martius, hollow me like a Hare Mar Within these three houres Tullus Alone I fought in your Corioles walles, And made what worke I pleas'd: 'Tis not my blood, Wherein thou seest me maskt, for thy Reuenge Wrench vp thy power to th' highest Auf. – Coriolanus by Shakespeare, William
  10. Which way do you iudge my wit would flye 3. Cit. – Coriolanus by Shakespeare, William
  11. Contrarywise, we apprehende death as an extreame payne, we doubt it as a rocke, we flye it as a theefe. – A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier by Philippe de Mornay Robert Garnier
  12. Heav'n knows I sooner should abhor my Life: But tell me the Author of this horrid mischief, That I may flye as quick to my Revenge, As these sad thoughts do seize upon thy Soul. – The Fatal Jealousie (1673) by Henry Nevil Payne Commentator: Willard Thorp
  13. Flye on, flye on, swift Racer, untill she Whom thou of all ador'st shall learne of thee The pace t'outfly thee, and shall teach thee groan, What terrour 'tis t'outgo and be outgon. – Lucasta by Richard Lovelace
  14. Speak your Commands, that I as swift may flye To put 'em into Action as I did At first to meet those pleasures Lovers long for. – The Fatal Jealousie (1673) by Henry Nevil Payne Commentator: Willard Thorp
  15. Achates, tis my mother that is fled, I know her by the mouings of her feete: Stay gentle Venus, flye not from thy sonne, Too cruell, why wilt thou forsake me thus? – The Tragedy of Dido Queene of Carthage by Christopher Marlowe
  16. All Soules that will be safe, flye from my side, For Time hath set a blot vpon my pride Aum. – Richard-II by Shakespeare, William