Definitions of floral

  1. Pertaining to Flora, or to flowers; made of flowers; as, floral games, wreaths.
  2. Containing, or belonging to, a flower; as, a floral bud; a floral leaf; floral characters.
  3. Pertaining to, resembling, or consisting of, flowers.
  4. Pertaining to Flora or to flowers; ( bot.) containing the flower.
  5. Pertaining to, or made of, flowers.
  6. Of, like, or pertaining to flowers.
  7. Of or belonging to Flora; containing the flower. Floral envelope, the calyx and corolla which envelope the inner part of a flower.
  8. Pert. to flowers; in bot., seated about the flower- stalk, and near the flower.
  9. The flora of a country or area; flowers.