Quotes of fleeting

  1. Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains. – Diane Ackerman
  2. Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever. – Napoleon Bonaparte
  3. Discourse is fleeting but junk mail is forever. – Joe Bob Briggs
  4. The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give -and -take, just long enough for you to level the camera and to trap the fleeting prey in your little box. – Henri Cartier-Bresson
  5. To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy. – Henri Cartier-Bresson
  6. Just the other day, it seems, the kids were running through the house, slamming doors, breaking glass, making noise. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes everything seems so fleeting – Perry Como
  7. We are only beginning to learn what to say in a photograph. The world we live in is a succession of fleeting moments, any one of which might say something significant. – Alfred Eisenstaedt
  8. I wonder what kind of lives they will have built for themselves when they turn 45 and can't really have any connection with people because they are so used to fleeting sexual. – Randy Harrison
  9. Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquillity of a lovely sunset. – Ann Landers
  10. There is nothing wrong with dedication and goals, but if you focus on yourself, all the lights fade away and you become a fleeting moment in life. – Pete Maravich
  11. People need to realise what real happiness and success is, because success as an actor is fleeting You can be up there one day and gone the next. – Chuck Norris
  12. The glory that goes with wealth is fleeting and fragile; virtue is a possession glorious and eternal. – Sallust
  13. It's a moment that I'm after, a fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment. – Andrew Wyeth

Usage examples for fleeting

  1. In the walk back from Vadrome Mountain, a change- a fleeting change- had passed over Charley's mind and mood. – The Right of Way, Volume 5. by Gilbert Parker
  2. For an instant a fleeting shadow crossed the open lane leading out of the glade; then it vanished. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  3. " Well," said he, with that fierce and fleeting little smile which rarely lit his face for a second, " if you don't know him he knows you; he knows everybody." – The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace
  4. He thought of the young loving wife who had lived with him little more than for one fleeting year, and wondered whether she was looking down upon him from Heaven, and how her spirit would bear this accusation against the man upon whose bosom she had slept, and in whose arms she had gone to her long rest. – Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope
  5. Or the fleeting world of men? – Alcyone by Archibald Lampman
  6. This fleeting gaze fixed itself at last on the inner door. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  7. Whether, deep down in her consciousness, she was aware of a fleeting sense of disappointment in Geoffrey, a swiftly passing thought that he had failed her, she could hardly have said, so quickly did she crush it down. – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  8. Than this a vain and fleeting world can grant thee no higher lesson." – By-Ways of Bombay by S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O.
  9. She passed Max with a touch of the hand and a fleeting smile, and was gone. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  10. For one fleeting instant Penny saw a girl only a little older than herself, standing half wrapped in the folds of the velvet curtain. – The Cry at Midnight by Mildred A. Wirt
  11. The fleeting moment I enjoy; each cup Of pleasure as it comes I empty,- letting All else go on to ruin as it will. – Early Plays Catiline, The Warrior's Barrow, Olaf Liljekrans by Henrik Ibsen
  12. Closed and twisted viciously, in the same fleeting instant. – Triplanetary by Edward Elmer Smith
  13. When the tiger approaches can the fast- fleeting hind Repose trust in his footsteps of air? – The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume III by Percy Bysshe Shelley Edited by Thomas Hutchinson, M. A.
  14. " The fame of my king is not fleeting – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  15. The work must be done, too, according to the teacher's knowledge of the principles of evolution, and not merely out of regard to small and fleeting interests. – Education as Service by J. Krishnamurti
  16. A fleeting sense of humor succeeded- had he interfered between man and wife? – The Prodigal Judge by Vaughan Kester
  17. I felt a slight, a fleeting pressure of Seraphina's hand before it slipped out of mine; I thought, in the beating rush of blood to my temples, that I was going mad. – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  18. The clear morning air made objects at a distance very distinct, and as Trevison had ridden past the car, Corrigan had seen a flutter at one of the windows; had caught a fleeting glimpse of Rosalind Benham's face. – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  19. But presently he gave a kind of shudder, the tension of his frame relaxed, and the soul which had been absorbed in its own visions, came forward to its windows, cast from them a fleeting glance, then dropped the curtains. – Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald
  20. For a fleeting moment the lad thought of the peril of his position. – The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump

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