Definitions of fire

  1. ( archaic) once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe ( Empedocles)
  2. call forth; of emotions, feelings, and responses; " arouse pity"; " raise a smile"; " evoke sympathy"
  3. destroy by fire; " They burned the house and his diaries"
  4. terminate the employment of; " The boss fired his secretary today"; " The company terminated 25% of its workers"
  5. provide with fuel; " Oil fires the furnace"
  6. the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; " hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes"; " they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
  7. a fireplace in which a fire is burning; " they sat by the fire and talked"
  8. the event of something burning ( often destructive); " they lost everything in the fire"
  9. a severe trial; " he went through fire and damnation"
  10. Bake in a kiln; " fire pottery"
  11. cause to go off; " fire a gun"; " fire a bullet"
  12. start firing a weapon
  13. go off or discharge; " The gun fired"
  14. once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe ( Empedocles)
  15. bake in a kiln so as to harden; " fire pottery"
  16. drive out or away by or as if by fire; " The soldiers were fired"; " Surrender fires the cold skepticism"
  17. The evolution of light and heat in the combustion of bodies; combustion; state of ignition.
  18. Fuel in a state of combustion, as on a hearth, or in a stove or a furnace.
  19. The burning of a house or town; a conflagration.
  20. Anything which destroys or affects like fire.
  21. Ardor of passion, whether love or hate; excessive warmth; consuming violence of temper.
  22. Liveliness of imagination or fancy; intellectual and moral enthusiasm; capacity for ardor and zeal.
  23. Splendor; brilliancy; luster; hence, a star.
  24. Torture by burning; severe trial or affliction.
  25. The discharge of firearms; firing; as, the troops were exposed to a heavy fire.
  26. To set on fire; to kindle; as, to fire a house or chimney; to fire a pile.
  27. To subject to intense heat; to bake; to burn in a kiln; as, to fire pottery.
  28. To inflame; to irritate, as the passions; as, to fire the soul with anger, pride, or revenge.
  29. To animate; to give life or spirit to; as, to fire the genius of a young man.
  30. To feed or serve the fire of; as, to fire a boiler.
  31. To light up as if by fire; to illuminate.
  32. To cause to explode; as, to fire a torpedo; to disharge; as, to fire a musket or cannon; to fire cannon balls, rockets, etc.
  33. To drive by fire.
  34. To cauterize.
  35. To take fire; to be kindled; to kindle.
  36. To be irritated or inflamed with passion.
  37. To discharge artillery or firearms; as, they fired on the town.
  38. Heat and light developed by combustion or burning; a burning; conflagration; flame; discharge of firearms; light; intensity of feeling; ardor.
  39. To set on fire; inflame; kindle; bake, as porcelain; to cause to explode; to discharge, as a gun; excite violently; irritate.
  40. To become ignited; be inflamed; discharge firearms.
  41. The heat and light caused by burning; flame; anything burning, as fuel in a grate, etc.; a confiagration; torture by burning; severe trial; anything inflaming or provoking; ardor of passion; vigor; brightness of fancy; enthusiasm; sexual love.
  42. To set on fire: to inflame: to irritate: to animate; to cause the explosion of; to discharge.
  43. To take fire; to be or become irritated or inflamed; to discharge firearms.
  44. Heat and light caused by burning; flame; anything burning; ardent passion; enthusiasm.
  45. To set on fire; discharge; animate.
  46. To take fire; discharge fire- arms.
  47. To set on fire; kindle; bake, as pottery; discharge, as a firearm; impel, as from a gun; hurl.
  48. To inflame; excite.
  49. To take fire; be kindled, inflamed, or excited.
  50. To discharge firearms.
  51. The evolution of heat and light by burning; flame; flash; fuel as burning.
  52. The discharge of firearms.
  53. Intensity; ardor; passion; vivacity.
  54. Affliction; trial.
  55. Heat and light emanating from a body burning; fuel burning on a hearth, & c.; the burning of a house or town; a conflagration; the discharge of fire- arms; light; lustre; that which inflames or irritates the passions; ardour or violence of passion; glow of imagination; severe trial; trouble; affliction.
  56. To set on fire; to inflame; to irritate; to animate; to cause to explode; to discharge; to cauterize.
  57. To take fire; to become irritated or inflamed; to discharge artillery or fire- arms. " Fire" a word of command for soldiers to discharge their fire- arms. To set on fire, to kindle; to excite violent action. To be on fire, to be in a state of ignition; to be highly excited. To be under fire, to be exposed to the attack of an enemy by cannonade or fusillade. Anthony's fire. See Anthony's Fire. Greek fire, an artificial combustible of a highly inflammable quality, used by the Greeks of the Byzantine empire against the Saracens, and which seems to have bad the power of burning even under water.
  58. The result of the combustion or burning of bodies, as coal, wood, & c.; a conflagration; severe trial or affliction; flame; lustre; the burning fuel in a grate; anything which inflames the passions; ardour; rage; animation.
  59. To kindle; to set on fire; to take fire; to become irritated; to discharge firearms.

Usage examples for fire

  1. You would not say I should not' if you knew fire. – The Short Works of George Meredith by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  2. " He's coming over to see you about going out after Fire Bear. – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman
  3. " I think the fat's in the fire now," said Lupin, laughing. – Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc
  4. If you fire, you are a dead man. – The Old Bell Of Independence; Or, Philadelphia In 1776 by Henry C. Watson
  5. " Come up to the fire, my dear," said the old woman. – The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle
  6. That would be to ask a man to set his house on fire. – Selected-Speeches-on-British-Foreign-Policy-1738-1914 by Jones, Edgar R. (Edgar Rees), Sir
  7. " The fire is only beginning," said he. – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  8. The fire had gone cold again. – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell
  9. There was no fire? – Anything You Can Do ... by Gordon Randall Garrett
  10. The next thing is a fire. – At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern by Myrtle Reed
  11. There's a fire there." – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  12. I don't believe it was all the fire. – The Witness by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  13. Fire low, and get his horse. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  14. Charmian turned her eyes away from the fire and looked at him. – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  15. Why shouldn't the fellow see our fire? – Northwest! by Harold Bindloss
  16. " Yes, Lyman," the man by the fire answered, then. – Boy Scouts in an Airship by G. Harvey Ralphson
  17. Randy laughed; but the fire was still in his eyes. – The Trumpeter Swan by Temple Bailey
  18. This made a fine back- fire, didn't it? – Unexplored! by Allen Chaffee
  19. But why should they start a fire? – Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures by Victor Appleton
  20. Keep back- tell us who you are before we fire on you! – Lorimer of the Northwest by Harold Bindloss