Definitions of fencing

  1. Disputing or debating in a manner resembling the art of fencers.
  2. The materials used for building fences.
  3. The act of building a fence.
  4. The aggregate of the fences put up for inclosure or protection; as, the fencing of a farm.
  5. of Fence
  6. material for building fences
  7. the act or art of using a sword as in fencing
  8. The art or practice of attack and defense with the sword, esp. with the smallsword. See Fence, v. i., 2.
  9. The art of skinfully using a foil or sword for attack or defense: materials used for making a fence; fences collectively; guard; skilful debate.
  10. The act of erecting a fence; the art of attack and defence with a sword or other weapon.
  11. The art of attacking and defending, as with a foil or sword.
  12. Material for fences; fences collectively.
  13. Materials used in making fences; a casing round machinery in factories; the art of skilfully using sword or foil in attack or defence.
  14. Fences, or the materials used to form them; the act or art of skilfully using a foil or sword in attack or defence.
  15. Defending or guarding.