Usage examples for feline

  1. They were wonderfully pink, and Diana hastened to draw an arrow from her quiver, for it seemed to her as if her feline neighbors were beginning to glow with rage. – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke
  2. No. She recognized that it was the feline instinct to play which dominated her. – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  3. There was nothing in the least exaggerated in the account which Warner gave of the character and conduct of this really remarkable member of the feline race. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  4. Not feeling free to play with him, by no means disposed to play before him, she had ventured to offer her services no further than by asking him what he wanted; then left him to himself; oddly conscious all the while, that if it had been any other one of her new feline friends, she would have put her little hand into the business and the basket with pleasant effect. – Wych Hazel by Susan and Anna Warner
  5. There has been no news for several months from Tartarin the lion- slayer, who set off to hunt the great feline tribe in Africa. – Tartarin of Tarascon by Alphonse Daudet
  6. He rose, his every movement possessing a sort of feline grace. – Fire-Tongue by Sax Rohmer
  7. But Travis knew, as well as if he watched the scene, that the coyotes were creeping in, belly flat to earth, adding a feline stealth and patience to their own cunning. – The Defiant Agents by Andre Alice Norton
  8. Indignation burned within the man as he realized the plight of the unhappy animal, and remembering Tabitha's plea for a pet, he carried the scrawny feline home to the child, feeling assured of its welcome there. – Tabitha at Ivy Hall by Ruth Alberta Brown
  9. Dr. Fu- Manchu recovered himself, took up the lantern and, turning abruptly, walked to the door, with his awkward, yet feline gait. – The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer
  10. Such was Mr. Marmaduke's feline ingenuity! – Richard Carvel, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  11. They are very beautiful and graceful; and, indeed, a well- bred, well- trained black Tom is a veritable prince of the feline race. – The Domestic Cat by Gordon Stables
  12. He was slight, so slight that he seemed tall, walked delicately, something feminine about him, a weak man, perhaps, whom strong men would despise; yet heads were turned to look after him, and a second glance found something definite and determined in the delicate walk, something feline. – The Light That Lures by Percy Brebner
  13. " Yes, some members of the previous culture do survive," the feline continued. – Deepfreeze by Robert Donald Locke
  14. The latter grinned with feline humor after they held a short conference. – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  15. The grooms told us that the horses were really very fond of their feline companions, and treated them tenderly and protectingly. – Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood
  16. His carriage had special distinction only in that he moved with a sort of feline grace. – Red Masquerade by Louis Joseph Vance
  17. Regarding the part of Felina, I have often wondered that people have never been more perceptive than they appear to have been of the analogy between her name and her qualities, for she has all of the characteristics of the feline species. – Memoirs of an American Prima Donna by Clara Louise Kellogg
  18. Here is a lovely girl of fourteen, with a lithe figure, feline movements, huge dark eyes, jet locks, and a rich olive tinting of the skin. – The Story of Seville by Walter M. Gallichan