Definitions of feathery

  1. adorned with feathers or plumes
  2. suggestive of feathers in lightness; " feathery snowflakes"
  3. Pertaining to, resembling, or covered with feathers.
  4. Covered with, or resembling, feathers.
  5. Covered with or resembling feathers; light, soft, or fluffy.
  6. Clothed or covered with feathers; having the appearance of feathers. Feathery- footed, having feathers on the feet.
  7. Having the appearance of feathers; light as feathers: a feather in one's cap, an honour; a trophy: to be in full feather, to make a show; to be in full dress; to be up to the mark in any way: to be in high feather, to be elated; to show the white feather, to show signs of cowardice; to tar and feather, to smear with tar, and then cover with feathers: to feather one's nest, to amass money, especially from holding an office or place; to make a snug, warm, comfortable home.