Definitions of feather

  1. To furnish with a feather or feathers, as an arrow or a cap.
  2. To adorn, as with feathers; to fringe.
  3. To render light as a feather; to give wings to.
  4. To enrich; to exalt; to benefit.
  5. To tread, as a cock.
  6. To ornament with feathers; cover with, or as with, feathers; turn the blade of ( an oar) horizontally when leaving the water.
  7. To furnish or adorn with feathers.
  8. To cover with feathers.
  9. To have the appearance of a feather or of feathers; to be or to appear in feathery form.
  10. To grow or form feathers; to become feathered; - often with out; as, the birds are feathering out.
  11. To curdle when poured into another liquid, and float about in little flakes or feathers; as, the cream feathers
  12. To turn to a horizontal plane; - said of oars.
  13. To become covered with feathers.
  14. turn the paddle; in canoeing
  15. cover or fit with feathers
  16. To dress in feathers; to cover with feathers or such like; to adern. A feather in the cap, an honour achieved. To be in full feather, to be up to the mark. To be in high feather, to appear in high spirits or elated. To show the white feather, to give indications of cowardice, as a white feather in the tail of a cock was supposed to imply. Feathers, any narrow slips of timber to strengthen partitioning, framework, & c. To feather one's nest, to collect wealth, particularly from emoluments derived from agencies. To feather the oar, to turn the edge of an ear horizontally when raising it from the water.
  17. To dress or adorn with feathers.
  18. turning an oar parallel to the water between pulls
  19. grow feathers; " The young sparrows are fledging already"
  20. The fringe of long hair on the legs of the setter and some other dogs.
  21. A tuft of peculiar, long, frizzly hair on a horse.
  22. One of the fins or wings on the shaft of an arrow.
  23. A longitudinal strip projecting as a fin from an object, to strengthen it, or to enter a channel in another object and thereby prevent displacement sidwise but permit motion lengthwise; a spline.
  24. A thin wedge driven between the two semicylindrical parts of a divided plug in a hole bored in a stone, to rend the stone.
  25. The angular adjustment of an oar or paddle- wheel float, with reference to a horizontal axis, as it leaves or enters the water.
  26. Kind; nature; species; - from the proverbial phrase, Birds of a feather, that is, of the same species.
  27. Part of the outer covering of a bird; a plume; something like a feather, as, in mechanism a wedge. fin. or flange.
  28. One of the growths which form the covering of a bird; a feather- like ornament.
  29. One of the fluffy growths that form the plumage of a bird.
  30. In rowing, the act of feathering.
  31. One of the plumes which ferm the covering of a bird; species; an ornament; an empty title.
  32. Part of the natural covering of a bird; a plume; the whole feathers of a bird are called its plumage.