Usage examples for favorite

  1. " Have you seen your favorite this morning? – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. Two of his wives had been killed, and one was a favorite, for it had taken several desperate fights to win her, and he therefore, naturally, valued her more than the others. – Rataplan by Ellen Velvin
  3. She was a great favorite among her husband's friends in New York the next year. – Louisiana by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  4. This dainty little plant is a general favorite with everyone. – Garden Ornaments by Mary H. Northend
  5. It is grown in California but is not a favorite sort. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  6. It used to be a favorite of his. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  7. It looked like it; and it seemed as if the favorite literature of the new reading public were quite in the spirit of the new science. – Imaginary Interviews by W. D. Howells
  8. So it was Octavius Quirk who was now established as Lady Adela's favorite? – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  9. The hard- worked mother conceived high hopes for this favorite child. – Worldly Ways and Byways by Eliot Gregory
  10. But Periwinkle was the favorite. – Duffels by Edward Eggleston
  11. This is one of my favorite walks. – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  12. She seated herself on the table- a favorite position of Lin's- and nodded approval at the end of every sentence Charley uttered. – Watch Yourself Go By by Al. G. Field
  13. The drive wound along the edge of a picturesque gorge, and it was not long before Jewel found the scene of her father's favorite stories. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  14. Then she is such a favorite with Mr. Lee." – Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life by Ann S. Stephens
  15. The Doctor was a general favorite with them, which fact caused considerable jealousy among not a few of the young gentlemen present. – Twenty Years of Hus'ling by J. P. Johnston
  16. He had always been a favorite. – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley
  17. She was a favorite of my mother, and I always corresponded with her occasionally. – The Story of the Toys by Mary Harris Toy Dodge
  18. His time was really much occupied; he was a favorite in Rome. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  19. Well, it is all over, and now you may write to your favorite, Colonel Bright. – A Simpleton by Charles Reade
  20. She was even singing the very song that used to be a favorite of her Highness! – The Stolen Singer by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger