Definitions of fast

  1. permanently dyed; " fast colors"; " colorfast fabrics"
  2. unrestrained by convention or morality; " Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; " deplorably dissipated and degraded"; " riotous living"; " fast women"
  3. abstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons; " Catholics sometimes fast during Lent"
  4. abstaining from food
  5. quickly or rapidly ( often used as a combining form); " how fast can he get here?"; " ran as fast as he could"; " needs medical help fast"; " fast- running rivers"; " fast- breaking news"; " fast- opening ( or fast- closing) shutters"
  6. firmly or tightly; " held fast to the rope"; " her foot was stuck fast"; " held tight"
  7. securely fixed in place; " the post was still firm after being hit by the car"
  8. acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly; " fast film"; " on the fast track in school"; " set a fast pace"; " a fast car"
  9. ( music) at a rapid tempo; " the band played a fast fox trot"
  10. ( used of timepieces) indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time; " my watch is fast"
  11. abstain from eating; " Before the medical exam, you must fast"
  12. unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause; " a firm ally"; " loyal supporters"; " the true- hearted soldier... of Tippecanoe"- Campaign song for William Henry Harrison; " fast friends"
  13. at a rapid tempo; " the band played a fast fox trot"
  14. resistant to destruction or fading; " fast colors"
  15. ( of surfaces) conducive to rapid speeds; " a fast road"; " grass courts are faster than clay"
  16. To abstain from food; to omit to take nourishment in whole or in part; to go hungry.
  17. To practice abstinence as a religious exercise or duty; to abstain from food voluntarily for a time, for the mortification of the body or appetites, or as a token of grief, or humiliation and penitence.
  18. Abstinence from food; omission to take nourishment.
  19. Voluntary abstinence from food, for a space of time, as a spiritual discipline, or as a token of religious humiliation.
  20. A time of fasting, whether a day, week, or longer time; a period of abstinence from food or certain kinds of food; as, an annual fast.
  21. Firmly fixed; closely adhering; made firm; not loose, unstable, or easily moved; immovable; as, to make fast the door.
  22. Firm against attack; fortified by nature or art; impregnable; strong.
  23. Firm in adherence; steadfast; not easily separated or alienated; faithful; as, a fast friend.
  24. Permanent; not liable to fade by exposure to air or by washing; durable; lasting; as, fast colors.
  25. Tenacious; retentive.
  26. Not easily disturbed or broken; deep; sound.
  27. Moving rapidly; quick in mition; rapid; swift; as, a fast horse.
  28. Given to pleasure seeking; disregardful of restraint; reckless; wild; dissipated; dissolute; as, a fast man; a fast liver.
  29. In a fast, fixed, or firmly established manner; fixedly; firmly; immovably.
  30. In a fast or rapid manner; quickly; swiftly; extravagantly; wildly; as, to run fast; to live fast.
  31. The shaft of a column, or trunk of pilaster.
  32. In such a condition, as to resilience, etc., as to make possible unusual rapidity of play or action; as, a fast racket, or tennis court; a fast track; a fast billiard table, etc.
  33. That which fastens or holds; especially, ( Naut.) a mooring rope, hawser, or chain; - called, according to its position, a bow, head, quarter, breast, or stern fast; also, a post on a pier around which hawsers are passed in mooring.
  34. To abstain from food, either from necessity, or as a religious rite.
  35. The doing without food as a religious duty.
  36. Quick; speedy in motion; in advance of the standard: said of a timepiece; firm; close; faithful; gay.
  37. Rapidly, firmly.
  38. Firm; fixed; steadfast.
  39. Firmly; soundly or sound ( asleep).
  40. Quick; rash; dissipated.
  41. Swiftly; in rapid succession; extravagantly.
  42. To keep from food; to go hungry; to abstain from food in whole or part, as a religious duty.
  43. Abstinence from food; special abstinence enjoined by the church; the day of fasting.
  44. Abstinence from food; day of fasting.
  45. Firm; fixed; rapid; quick.
  46. Firmly; swiftly.
  47. To abstain from food.
  48. Swift; speedy.
  49. Firmly; securely; soundly.
  50. Ahead of the standard, as a timepiece.
  51. Dissipated; dissolute.
  52. Rapidly; swiftly.
  53. Abstinence from food, or a period prescribed for it.
  54. Firm; strong; firmly fixed; close; sound, as sleep; firm in adherence.
  55. Swift; quick; dissipated; dissolute; said of a young lady aping the manners of young men.
  56. Firmly. Fast by, or fast beside, close or near to. Fast and loose, slippery in dealing and unreliable.
  57. Swiftly; with quick steps or progression.
  58. That which fastens or holds; the rope which fastens a vessel to a wharf, & c.
  59. Abstinence from food, especially on religious grounds; the time of fasting.
  60. To abstain from food; to abstain from food on religious grounds as a means of mortifying desire, & c.
  61. Close; immovable; firmly fixed; without leaving an interval, as, to follow fast; rapid in motion; extravagant; dissipated; wild.
  62. With quick steps; rapidly.
  63. To abstain from food beyond the usual time.
  64. The abstaining from food for a certain time, or from particular kinds of food, as flesh; a religious mortification or humiliation by abstaining from food; the time of abstaining from food.

Usage examples for fast

  1. Salome's heart beat fast. – Salome by Emma Marshall
  2. Master, dear, get out of this, for heaven's sake, as fast as ye can. – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  3. " Not yet, but they'll come along fast enough. – When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright
  4. The hour hand does not move very fast, you cannot see it move. – The Children's Six Minutes by Bruce S. Wright
  5. Then we ran back home as fast as we could. – The Cave Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
  6. I can see, said Fulkerson, who had kept his eyes fast on March's face, that you don't more than half like the idea of Dryfoos. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  7. How fast he ran, or the time it took him to reach the woods, has never been known. – In the Carquinez Woods by Bret Harte
  8. If we allow ourselves one month, we'll only have to go four or five times as fast as they did. – The Young Alaskans on the Missouri by Emerson Hough
  9. How fast are we going now? – A Romance in Transit by Francis Lynde
  10. Hold the book fast now and I'll come down where you are and get it. – Tabitha at Ivy Hall by Ruth Alberta Brown
  11. If you hadn't kissed me-" " There, there," at last called the Emperor to the boy, " I will let you go, but you must run as fast as you can. – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed
  12. Gabriel's heart beat fast. – Jewel's Story Book by Clara Louise Burnham
  13. Eat 'em, fast enough, only you have enough. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  14. I kept right on talking fast about something else. – Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
  15. Grandada will have him fast before a minute is over. – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  16. You can't have come as fast as you could. – The Adventures of Akbar by Flora Annie Steel
  17. I run too fast. – The Riflemen of the Miami by Edward S. Ellis