Definitions of false

  1. Uttering falsehood; unveracious; given to deceit; dishnest; as, a false witness.
  2. Not faithful or loyal, as to obligations, allegiance, vows, etc.; untrue; treacherous; perfidious; as, a false friend, lover, or subject; false to promises.
  3. Not according with truth or reality; not true; fitted or likely to deceive or disappoint; as, a false statement.
  4. Not genuine or real; assumed or designed to deceive; counterfeit; hypocritical; as, false tears; false modesty; false colors; false jewelry.
  5. Not well founded; not firm or trustworthy; erroneous; as, a false claim; a false conclusion; a false construction in grammar.
  6. Not essential or permanent, as parts of a structure which are temporary or supplemental.
  7. Not in tune.
  8. Falseness.
  9. Not truly; not honestly; falsely.
  10. Falsely.
  11. Not truly; not honestly; falsely; not in tune. False cadence, a cadence in which the hass rises a tone or semi- tone, instead of rising a fourth or falling a fifth False fire, a combustible, composition, sending forth a blue flame, used in vessels of war for making signals during the night; a fire kindled to deceive ships to their ruin. False membrane, a membrane formed on an inflamed part by the coagulation of the secreted fluid. False roof, the part between the ceiling of the upper floor and the rafters of a roof. See Fallacy.
  12. inappropriate to reality or facts; " delusive faith in a wonder drug"; " delusive expectations"; " false hopes"
  13. designed to deceive; " a suitcase with a false bottom"
  14. deliberately deceptive; " hollow ( or false) promises"; " false pretenses"
  15. not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality; " gave false testimony under oath"; " false tales of bravery"
  16. To report falsely; to falsify.
  17. To betray; to falsify.
  18. To feign; to pretend to make.
  19. Untrue; dishonest; disloyal; counterfeit; unreliable; for temporary use.
  20. Deceptive or deceiving; untruthful; unfaithful to obligations; untrue; not genuine or real; hypocritical; not well founded.
  21. Not true; unfaithful; not real.
  22. Contrary to truth or fact; counterfeit; artificial; incorrect; not real; unfaithful; treacherous.
  23. Not true; not conformable to fact; unfounded; not according to the lawful standard; substituted for another; suppositious; counterfeit; not genuine; not solid or sound; not agreeable to rule or propriety; not fall; unfaithful; incenstant; treacherous; feigned; made or assumed for the purpose of deception.
  24. Not true; not real or genuine; deceitful; treacherous.