Definitions of facing

  1. a protective covering that protects the outside of a building
  2. the act of confronting bravely; " he hated facing the facts"; " he excelled in the face of danger"
  3. an ornamental coating to a building
  4. providing something with a surface of a different material
  5. A covering in front, for ornament or other purpose; an exterior covering or sheathing; as, the facing of an earthen slope, sea wall, etc. , to strengthen it or to protect or adorn the exposed surface.
  6. A lining placed near the edge of a garment for ornament or protection.
  7. The finishing of any face of a wall with material different from that of which it is chiefly composed, or the coating or material so used.
  8. A powdered substance, as charcoal, bituminous coal, ect., applied to the face of a mold, or mixed with the sand that forms it, to give a fine smooth surface to the casting.
  9. The collar and cuffs of a military coat; - commonly of a color different from that of the coat.
  10. The movement of soldiers by turning on their heels to the right, left, or about; - chiefly in the pl.
  11. Of face.
  12. A covering in front for ornamental or other purposes.
  13. A covering in front for ornament or protection.
  14. A covering in front; outer covering.
  15. A covering or edging in front; outer coating.
  16. Fronting.
  17. Movements of the men to the right, left, & c.; trimmings on the front of a regimental uniform, which are of all colours Facing of tea, a fraud by which tea is adulterated so as to seem of a superior quality.
  18. A covering in front for ornament, defence, & c.
  19. Fronting or opposite.
  20. A thin covering placed in front for improvement or strength; a thin covering for ornament.

Usage examples for facing

  1. With her school behind her, so to speak, she stood facing this great enemy with stern and angry, steady eyes. – His Family by Ernest Poole
  2. Six or eight ladies and the same number of gentlemen form in two lines, facing each other. – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge
  3. I am not afraid of facing Austin. – The Lovels of Arden by M. E. Braddon
  4. Though facing one another at so short a distance, their eyes, however, did not meet. – Four Weird Tales by Algernon Blackwood
  5. She stood silently facing me, her face flushed, her bosom rising and falling swiftly. – Love Under Fire by Randall Parrish
  6. The one thing that troubled Blaney was that Bridge might demand money; but there was no need of facing that issue yet, for Bridge had apparently not thought of it. – The Short Line War by Merwin-Webster
  7. How long we had thus been facing each other, the books and I, I've not a notion. – Lady Baltimore by Owen Wister
  8. He did not know that he was facing a window, he did not know that he was staring straight out upon the city of London. – With the French in France and Salonika by Richard Harding Davis
  9. Facing that way they saw the section- boss. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates
  10. She was standing, her back to the dressing- stand, facing the door. – The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  11. Then, turning round and facing the bishop, he continued: And this man has been more than a father; but for him and the wife he gave me, I should not be here today. – The Mystery of Monastery Farm by H. R. Naylor
  12. Besides, it is well enough for her to learn courage and coolness in facing danger- the women in this valley may need such qualities in the future, as they have in the past. – Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman by Willie Walker Caldwell
  13. Now she rose from the chair and for a little while we stood facing each other. – The Virgin of the Sun by H. R. Haggard
  14. He looked at the windows facing the Downs with dead eyes. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  15. Still facing her he said in a low tone, Miss Dodge- you did write this letter- but under the influence of the new 'twilight sleep. – The Exploits of Elaine by Arthur B. Reeve
  16. She was not in need of companionship, and a couch close to the wide window facing the sea lured her. – The Higher Court by Mary Stewart Daggett
  17. " To tell you my brother's story," said Paul, drawing himself up and facing her. – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford
  18. He had risen also; and, as he did, he remembered the time when they had stood in the same place and position, facing each other, and she had told him that she was at his feet. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  19. And Gwynneth preferred walking on to facing him here. – Peccavi by E. W. Hornung
  20. And then, as she, too, arose, and they stood for a silent moment facing each other, the woman felt his strength, and in her woman heart was glad- glad and proud, though she could not give all that he asked. – When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright