Usage examples for fabricate

  1. If a bad man, hating his wife and wishing to get rid of her, is base enough to fabricate a charge of insanity, and can find two physicians " in regular standing" foolish or wicked enough to give the legal certificate, the wife is helpless! – Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity by Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard
  2. Indeed, so intensely were people interested, that several papers felt called upon to fabricate and print most absurd versions of what did occur, all the accounts reaching conclusions as absolutely different as the press portraits of celebrities. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  3. Nobody goes in rags, for the coarse- fibred grass from which they fabricate their clothes is very durable. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  4. Tituba has been described by Upham as " indicating, in most respects, a mind at the lowest level of general intelligence," so that any one must be more rash than prudent who will impute to her ability to fabricate a series of facts, all of which seem to be natural and probable in the province of psychology. – Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism by Allen Putnam
  5. But does it fabricate in order to fabricate or does it not pursue involuntarily, and even unconsciously, something entirely different? – Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson
  6. The science of government is in itself simple and plain; and if in the history of mankind no perfect government can be found, let it be attributed to the chicane, perfidy and ambition of those who fabricate them; and who are more or less, in common with all mankind, infected with a lust of power. – Essays on the Constitution of the United States by Paul Leicester Ford
  7. I thought so; I still think so; and, notwithstanding all that the Dundasses may choose to fabricate, I am determined to believe the assertions of an honest countenance." – Thaddeus of Warsaw by Jane Porter
  8. It would be easy for a man like Hellwig to fabricate evidence against him. – A Hero of Liége by Herbert Strang
  9. Many of the guests who chanced to get access to them from a mere glimpse of the Queen- whose general good- humour, vivacity, and constant wish to please all around her would often make her commit herself unconsciously and unintentionally- would fabricate anecdotes of things they had neither seen nor heard; and which never had existence, except in their own wicked imaginations. – The Secret Memoirs of Louis XV./XVI, Complete by Madame du Hausset, an "Unknown English Girl" and the Princess Lamballe
  10. Neither otherwise did the other treasure of the house disagree unto so great a majesty, that verily it seemed in every point an heavenly Palace, fabricate and built for Jupiter himselfe. – The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius
  11. Madmen have been known to fabricate evidence to support their delusions, it is true, but I shudder to think of a madman having at his disposal the resources to manufacture the papers you will find in this dispatch case. – He Walked Around the Horses by Henry Beam Piper
  12. Those who could not make gold were confined in prison, and those who were under suspicion, yet could fabricate something, were equally put in close confinement. – Pictures of German Life in the XVth XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag
  13. Wishing to use gasoline in the lamp, he found it necessary to fabricate a number of burner units before he found a type that gave him a clean blue flame. – The 1893 Duryea Automobile In the Museum of History and Technology by Don H. Berkebile
  14. The only charge they could fabricate against one monastery was " that the monks would do evil, if they could." – English Villages by P. H. Ditchfield
  15. Before quitting Noisiel we must remark that M. Menier possesses cocoa and sugar plantations in the Southern States of America, and is thus enabled to fabricate the best possible chocolate at the lowest possible price. – Holidays in Eastern France by Matilda Betham-Edwards
  16. " From my point of view these insinuations are not worth considering," he said, " though no doubt it has given you a vast amount of enjoyment to fabricate them." – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell
  17. The lime- powdered monarch began to fabricate his own laws, direct the price of every article, which was punctually obeyed. – An History of Birmingham (1783) by William Hutton
  18. For politics is an interest of men- a tool which they fabricate and use- and no comment has much value if it tries to get along without mankind. – A Preface to Politics by Walter Lippmann