Definitions of F O B

  1. Iu mercantile contracts, this abbreviation means " free on board," and importsthat the seller or consignor of goods will deliver them on the car. vessel, or otherconveyance by which they are to be transported without expense to the buyer or consignee,that is, without charge for packing, crating, drayage, etc., until delivered to thecarrier. Vogt v. Shienbeck, 122 Wis. 491, 100 N. W. 820. 07 L. R. A. 750. 100 Am. St.Rep. 989; Silberman v. Clark, 90 X. Y. 523; Sheffield Furnace Co. v. IIull Coal & CokeCo., 101 Ala. 446, 14 South. 672.