Usage examples for EYS

  1. When I had spoken these words, I perceived by Fotis eys being wet with tears and well nigh closed up that shee had a desire unto pleasure and specially because shee embraced and kissed me sweetly. – The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius
  2. " I'm fond of my turkeys- eys- eys," says Madame Caterna. – The Adventures of a Special Correspondent by Jules Verne
  3. The town stands well; its river, its bridges, its islands, suggest the days when Scandinavian pirates sailed up the Seine and encamped with special delight on such eys or holms as that between Mantes and Limay. – Sketches of Travel in Normandy and Maine by Edward A. Freeman Commentator: W. H. Hutton
  4. She lowered her own eys quickly to hid a hunted look in their dark depths as she answered: " Sir, after the week of races, you shall have your answer." – Down the Mother Lode by Vivia Hemphill