Usage examples for eyesore

  1. The fluttering stings were an eyesore to her ever after, and, passing and repassing, she would give them a spiteful jerk, as much to say, " There is that confounded yarn that gave me so much trouble." – Wake-Robin by John Burroughs
  2. Sooner or later the greater part of them become a costly burden upon the community, and an eyesore to humanity. – London's Underworld by Thomas Holmes
  3. They had to carry all the rubbish away to some distance, for it would not do to leave it near the cave to be an eyesore during the happy days that they meant to spend there. – Ethel Morton's Enterprise by Mabell S.C. Smith
  4. " Because I had to take the rake and smooth out the footmarks, as was a eyesore to a gardener who takes a pride in his place," said John with a satisfied smile. – The Mynns' Mystery by George Manville Fenn
  5. Nor is the partly built house going to ruin because incomplete, or the well useless because it has not been sunk deep enough, an eyesore to him. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin
  6. Why, the place has been an eyesore to the whole neighborhood, the resort of poaching, thieving rascals; by gad, if my brother George had gone down there I don't know what would have happened! – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty
  7. The mill itself is an eyesore; ought to have been removed long ago. – To Him That Hath A Novel Of The West Of Today by Ralph Connor
  8. They were the greatest possible eyesore, and they had no right to be in that neighbourhood at all. – The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  9. The officers disliked him because he was an eyesore to them; the N. C. O. 's hated him because he gave them endless trouble; and the men had shown their distrust of his personal cleanliness by ducking him in a horse- trough more than once. – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery
  10. It stood as firm as ever; but it was not an eyesore to Shenac now. – Shenac's Work at Home by Margaret Murray Robertson
  11. Of course it was his son- in- law, the preacher, who had done this, as the sight of the bush had always been an eyesore to him. – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  12. Naturally the dwelling of James Gracie was an eyesore to this man, being visible from not a few of his windows, and from almost anywhere on the private road to his house; for decidedly it was not tidy. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  13. That iron roof's nothing but an eyesore, and you might have a couple of beds of geraniums there and improve the look of your front. – Here and Hereafter by Barry Pain