Usage examples for extravagant

  1. The compass of your days, visible in that skin, will contract according to the strength and number of your desires, from the least to the most extravagant. – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac
  2. " I've been so awfully extravagant lately," said Kitty, frankly. – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. But if you will promise to be sensible and refrain from talking extravagant nonsense, you may take me in to supper. – Bandit Love by Juanita Savage
  4. But now tell me, you extravagant little person, what would you like for yourself? – A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen
  5. She was so extravagant, and such a bad manager, it was a wonder they could live at all. – We Three by Gouverneur Morris
  6. Poor extravagant little thing! – Queer-Little-Folks by Stowe, Harriet Beecher
  7. He was proud and extravagant. – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various
  8. If she chose to be a little extravagant now, why should she hesitate? – The Virginians by William Makepeace Thackeray
  9. No other author could make the wildly extravagant not only natural, as make- believe goes, but actually moving. – First Person Paramount by Ambrose Pratt
  10. We are not so extravagant here as to burn bedlights till we want them. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  11. I should strongly recommend you, then, to be extravagant in your milk score. – Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Children by Pye Henry Chavasse
  12. She was extravagant in her affection for Molly and seemed eager to please Mrs. Brown. – Molly Brown's Orchard Home by Nell Speed
  13. There sat the victorious prince, surrounded by his captains and indunas, while before him rushed the triumphant regiments, shouting his titles in the most extravagant language. – Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard
  14. She took my child away from me to teach her to hate her own father, and to bring her up in her own extravagant notions. – A Witch of the Hills, v. 1-2 by Florence Warden
  15. I was received with extravagant delight. – The Lonely House by Adolph Streckfuss
  16. Oh, I'll have an extravagant fit again, some day. – Christopher Hibbault, Roadmaker by Marguerite Bryant
  17. In his eyes, no revenge at present seemed worth so extravagant a price. – Bred in the Bone by James Payn
  18. It had been a dangerous mistake to believe that a woman like Zalika Rojanow, grown up in boundless freedom and accustomed to the uncontrolled, extravagant life of the families of the Bojars of her country, could ever submit herself to German views and conditions. – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner
  19. It's a bit extravagant, I know, but I 'low it'll pay in the long run. – Turned Adrift by Harry Collingwood
  20. He could not have raised the money except at a most extravagant rate. – The King's Mirror by Anthony Hope