Definitions of extend

  1. To stretch; to reach; to be continued in length or breadth.
  2. To stretch out; to prolong in space; to carry forward or continue in length; as, to extend a line in surveying; to extend a cord across the street.
  3. To enlarge, as a surface or volume; to expand; to spread; to amplify; as, to extend metal plates by hammering or rolling them.
  4. To enlarge; to widen; to carry out further; as, to extend the capacities, the sphere of usefulness, or commerce; to extend power or influence; to continue, as time; to lengthen; to prolong; as, to extend the time of payment or a season of trail.
  5. To hold out or reach forth, as the arm or hand.
  6. To bestow; to offer; to impart; to apply; as, to extend sympathy to the suffering.
  7. To increase in quantity by weakening or adulterating additions; as, to extend liquors.
  8. To value, as lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt; to assign by writ of extent.
  9. To stretch out; enlarge; continue.
  10. To stretch out: to prolong in any direction: to enlarge: to widen: to hold out: to bestow or impart.
  11. To stretch out; enlarge; bestow.
  12. To make larger; enlarge; prolong.
  13. To reach or stretch out.
  14. To reach to any distance; be prolonged.
  15. To stretch: to be continued in length or breadth.
  16. To stretch; reach.
  17. span an interval of distance, space or time; " The war extended over five years"; " The period covered the turn of the century"; " My land extends over the hills on the horizon"; " This farm covers some 200 acres"
  18. lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer; " We prolonged our stay"; " She extended her visit by another day"; " The meeting was drawn out until midnight"
  19. expand the influence of; " The King extended his rule to the Eastern part of the continent"
  20. prolong the time allowed for payment of; " extend the loan"
  21. offer verbally; " extend my greetings"; " He offered his sympathy"
  22. make available; provide; " extend a loan"; " The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages"
  23. stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point; " Service runs all the way to Cranbury"; " His knowledge doesn't go very far"; " My memory extends back to my fourth year of life".
  24. To reach; stretch.
  25. To stretch in any direction; to reach out; to enlarge, expand, or dilate; to continue; to prolong; to bestow; to impart; to value lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt, or to levy on lands, as an execution.
  26. To stretch in any direction, to any distance; to enlarge or increase; to diffuse; to reach.
  27. To straighten out, as opp. to flex or bend any organ.