Definitions of Expressing

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Usage examples for Expressing

  1. If you gave me half your attention, you would understand that I am only expressing a wish to go a little further, but you have become so frivolous since we have been engaged that I hardly recognize you. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. 1. Write a single short sentence expressing the moral of this story. – Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by E.C. Hartwell
  3. She considered that men generally were afraid of expressing themselves, and were as dumb as dogs from the want of becoming spirit. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  4. At one time the perilous walk of yesterday was the subject of conversation, and Mr. Winters was again expressing his gratitude. – Divers Women by Pansy and Mrs. C.M. Livingston
  5. " One thing's about as good as another, and one's got to do something," he said aloud, expressing what he supposed to be her attitude, much in her accent. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf