Definitions of Exemplified

  1. of Exemplify

Usage examples for Exemplified

  1. This fact is perhaps best exemplified by the difference between test results and those obtained in daily operation even under the most careful supervision. – Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
  2. Most Eastern women that I saw, exemplified the " Oriental care of woman's organization" by abandoning their own to a mere animal vegetation. – The Education of American Girls by Anna Callender Brackett
  3. The contrast between the inherent weakness of the old law and the efficiency of the new test could not be better exemplified. – The Origin of Finger-Printing by William J. Herschel
  4. Emerson's description of the Englishman as having a " telescopic appreciation of distant gain" was exemplified. – Milton's England by Lucia Ames Mead
  5. " It is big enough to put one's head through," said Ida, and, stooping down, she exemplified the truth of her observation. – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing