Definitions of excise

  1. To lay or impose an excise upon.
  2. To impose upon; to overcharge.
  3. To cut out or off; to separate and remove; as, to excise a tumor.
  4. To levy a duty or tax upon; to cut off.
  5. To subject to excise duty.
  6. To cut out: to cut off: as, to excise a tumor.
  7. To lay excise on.
  8. To cut out or off.
  9. To tax.
  10. remove by cutting; " The surgeon excised the tumor"
  11. To impose an excise duty on.
  12. To levy a tax on.
  13. a tax that is measured by the amount of business done ( not on property or income from real estate)
  14. In inland duty or impost operating as an indirect tax on the consumer, levied upon certain specified articles, as, tobacco, ale, spirits, etc., grown or manufactured in the country. It is also levied to pursue certain trades and deal in certain commodities. Certain direct taxes ( as, in England, those on carriages, servants, plate, armorial bearings, etc.), are included in the excise. Often used adjectively; as, excise duties; excise law; excise system.
  15. A tax or duty levied on the manufacture, sale, or consumption of articles or things within the country, such as tobacco or spirituous liquors.
  16. A tax on certain home commodities and on licenses for certain trades: specifically, liquor tax.
  17. Duty on home commodities.
  18. A tax on articles produced and consumed in a country, and also on licences to deal in certain commodities, enjoy certain privileges, & c.
  19. A tax or duty levied on articles produced and consumed in a country, as on spirits, malt, & c.; a tax levied on licences to pursue certain trades, and deal in certain commodities.
  20. Pert. to the duties levied on certain articles produced and consumed at home.