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  1. The time to enjoy a European trip is about three weeks after unpacking. – George Ade
  2. I held a conference in Harvard where Americans said they didn't believe in risk. They thought it was just European hysteria. Then the terrorist attacks happened and there was a complete conversion. Suddenly terrorism was the central risk. – Ulrich Beck
  3. While the United States has largely been missing in action from the diplomatic game, the European Union and Iran have been making progress at developing a formula that would lead to the suspension of Iran's nuclear enrichment program and the start of serious negotiations. – Earl Blumenauer
  4. In Hollywood through the 50s, there were black, English, and Middle European housekeepers and maids. – Bill Condon
  5. I was always attracted by the European way of life, but I am deeply Swedish. – Lasse Hallstrom
  6. It is true that short forms of poetry have been cultivated in the Far East more than in modern Europe; but in all European literature short forms of poetry are to be found- indeed quite as short as anything in Japanese. – Lafcadio Hearn
  7. The American character looks always as if it had just had a rather bad haircut, which gives it, in our eyes at any rate, a greater humanity than the European which even among its beggars has an all too professional air. – Mary McCarthy
  8. The idea of the European community is never face a war again. – Nana Mouskouri
  9. We must stress that the euro has been beneficial to the European Union because, otherwise, in this context of international turmoil, every country would have to devalue their currencies. – Jean-Pierre Raffarin
  10. Jews are not part of a European ruling class imposed on helpless natives, but are caught up in a tragedy in which two peoples are struggling for the same piece of land. – Jack Schwartz
  11. My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex. – Alicia Silverstone
  12. The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council. – Javier Solana
  13. We've all learned about this disease since it was first discovered several years ago in Europe. And so I think we've learned from the European experience. – Ann Veneman
  14. There's no question that we need tougher drunk -driving laws for repeat offenders. We need to take a lesson from European countries where driving isn't a right but a privilege. – Jesse Ventura
  15. In fact, it is amazing how much European films- Italian, French, German and English- have recovered a certain territory of the audience in their countries over the last few years. – Wim Wenders

Usage examples for european

  1. The world grew small to European eyes. – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  2. Your position cannot be regarded as assured until you have received the recognition of the chief European States. – A Son of the Immortals by Louis Tracy
  3. European legislation is necessarily more elaborate because there is usually no body of existing common law. – Popular Law-making by Frederic Jesup Stimson
  4. Our army is organized as no other European army is organized- at the present moment. – The Prussian Terror by Alexandre Dumas
  5. Mr. Hardwick had told Jennie that if she solved the Vienna mystery she would make a European reputation for the Daily Bugle. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr
  6. " I see a man in European clothes," she said. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  7. Soon I saw that in him had taken place a process not unlike that which had happened to my friends abroad and which was reflected in European literature. – An Anarchist Woman by Hutchins Hapgood
  8. Still, European women do not live long in that climate anyway; and it is common knowledge that to maintain a family requires several successive mothers. – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  9. In this respect, an American house is the very opposite of a European house. – Recollections of Europe by J. Fenimore Cooper
  10. As you probably know, no European or Christian has ever been allowed to enter within its walls. – Montezuma's Castle and Other Weird Tales by Charles B. Cory
  11. Naturally the European partner would lose money in the general robbery. – In the Tail of the Peacock by Isabel Savory
  12. The young people meet one another, and become engaged after the European manner. – Letters of a Javanese Princess by Raden Adjeng Kartini Commentator: Louis Couperus
  13. As has been the case with all other European nations, her philosophical energies have chiefly been devoted to the historical side of philosophy, a tendency specially encouraged by the already- mentioned influence of Cousin. – A Short History of French Literature by George Saintsbury
  14. She herself is Sultana by this time, and her first act has been to free all the European prisoners in Agra, Delhi, and other cities, whose bondage was the result of Jahangir's earlier policy. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  15. See that watch is kept on the bags of scalps for European hair. – Montlivet by Alice Prescott Smith
  16. He was rather dark in face and full in flesh for an European who had dwelt any time in Western Africa. – The League of the Leopard by Harold Bindloss
  17. This had worked in the past, was still working in many European countries, could be made to work again in England. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  18. No questions of grave importance have arisen with any other of the European powers. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  19. Nat was not getting what she had hoped out of his European opportunity. – The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton
  20. He knew that European ladies danced with men of their acquaintance, and he was curious to see what this beautiful child wished to do. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

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