Definitions of Enumerated

  1. of Enumerate

Usage examples for Enumerated

  1. How these powers have been exercised, the list of the foundations of the company and of the distinguished persons whom you have enumerated as benefactors and freemen tells us. – Speeches and Addresses of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales: 1863-1888 by Edward VII
  2. After this they enumerated the heavenly delights proceeding from the love of uses, and said, that they are a thousand times ten thousand; and that all who enter heaven enter into those delights. – The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love by Emanuel Swedenborg
  3. With a searching study of her face to note the slightest change, he enumerated: Was it Cyril, then? – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  4. Use and usufruct, though formerly enumerated among such rights, have now been saved by our constitution from extinction by the least loss of status. – The Institutes of Justinian by Caesar Flavius Justinian
  5. Twenty sections of land per mile are given to the company for the purpose of securing the safe and speedy transportation of troops, and above enumerated articles. – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  6. If the placing of an adverb before an adjective is to be called a grammatical modification or variation of the latter word, we shall have many other degrees than those which are enumerated above. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  7. In chronic cases 'mercurialism, ' 'hydrargyrism, ' 'ptyalism, ' or 'salivation, ' including most of the symptoms enumerated above. – Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
  8. Nor have I enumerated the whole of the works of authors who have often dealt with a variety of subjects. – A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
  9. Bones and teeth of the cave- bear were soon found, and several other extinct quadrupeds which Schmerling has enumerated. – The Antiquity of Man by Charles Lyell
  10. The reasons for the almost exclusive adoption of Seneca as a model seem to have been not only the comparative ignorance of Greek, but also the preference of Renaissance taste for the qualities just enumerated. – Tragedy by Ashley H. Thorndike
  11. In addition to the other buildings enumerated, a residence would of course be necessary. – Ducks and Geese by Harry M. Lamon Rob R. Slocum
  12. Many goods formerly allowed to enter the colonies directly were placed on the list of enumerated articles which must pass through England before being shipped to the colonies. – The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783 by Virginia State Dept. of Education
  13. From this pardon were excepted six enumerated classes of persons whose treason had been most offensive. – A History of the Republican Party by George Washington Platt
  14. Besides his works which here have been enumerated, there are several other; particularly two poems, intitled the Creation, and the Judgment- Day; which were published many years ago. – The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland (1753),Vol. V. by Theophilus Cibber
  15. But Conchubar bade him come with them to the feast, and the knights around him laughed, and enumerated the good things which Culain had prepared for them. – The Irish Fairy Book by Various
  16. How to enter a room well,- Leonie enumerated the points on her taper fingers,- how to salute and take leave of a hostess, how to order a dinner,- those were some of the most important things. – Hildegarde's Home by Laura E. Richards
  17. It may be so; the souls of the gentlemen enumerated are, no doubt, in Heaven, and it is possible that countless other souls will follow them thither. – The Slaves of the Padishah by Mór Jókai
  18. It was originally intended to be an asistencia of San Francisco, but although there is no record that it was ever formally raised to the dignity of an independent Mission, it is called and enumerated as such from the year 1823 in all the reports of the Fathers. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  19. Lastly are to be enumerated 500 families of Kalmucks, improperly called Christians, who occupy the two banks of the Kouma, between Vladimirofka and the Caspian. – Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. by Xavier Hommaire de Hell
  20. According to the same authority the United Kingdom had 41. 6 per cent of the world's tonnage in 1914 and 33. 6 per cent in 1920; while the United States had 4. 7 per cent of the world's tonnage in 1914 and 24 per cent in 1920. 6. Wealth and Income The economic advantages of the United States enumerated in this chapter inevitably are reflected in the figures of national wealth and national income. – The American Empire by Scott Nearing