Definitions of entail

  1. have as a logical consequence; " The water shortage means that we have to stop taking long showers"
  2. land received by fee tail
  3. impose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result; " What does this move entail?"
  4. the act of entailing property; the creation of a fee tail from a fee simple
  5. limit the inheritance of property to a specific class of heirs
  6. That which is entailed.
  7. An estate in fee entailed, or limited in descent to a particular class of issue.
  8. The rule by which the descent is fixed.
  9. Delicately carved ornamental work; intaglio.
  10. To appoint hereditary possessor.
  11. To cut or carve in a ornamental way.
  12. To settle or fix inalienably on a person or thing, or on a person and his descendants or a certain line of descendants; - said especially of an estate; to bestow as an heritage.
  13. An estate that may be left only to a particular heir or heirs; the act of so restricting the leaving of property.
  14. To leave, as money, to a succession of heirs, so that no one of them can give or will it away; to necessitate.
  15. To cut off an estate from the heirs- general, and settle it on a particular heir or series of heirs: to bring on as an inevitable consequence:- pr. p. entailing; pa. p. entailed'.
  16. An estate entailed': the rule of descent of an estate.
  17. An entailed estate, or its rule of descent.
  18. Entailment.
  19. To settle an estate on a particular heir or series of heirs; to bring on as a consequence.
  20. To devolve upon a successor; bring upon another as a consequence or legacy; limit by entail.
  21. An inalienable inheritance.
  22. An estate limited to a particular class of heirs.
  23. The act of entailing, or the state of being entailed.
  24. An estate entailed, or limited in descent to a particular heir or heirs; rule of descent settled for an estate.
  25. To settle the descent of lands and tenements, by gift to a man and to certain heirs specified, so that neither the donee nor any subsequent possessor can alienate or bequeath it; to fix unalienably on a person or thing, or on a person and his descendants; to involve and so lead to.
  26. To fix the succession of lands or tenements to a certain line of descendants, so that the one in possession can neither sell nor burden them except by legal process under an Act of Parliament, and with the consent of the next two heirs; to fix as an inevitable consequence on persons or things.
  27. Lands or tenements limited in descent; the settled rule of descent for an estate.

Usage examples for entail

  1. He fully realizes the difficulties which such a rendering would entail, and for this he wishes to assure you of his abiding appreciation and of his deepfelt gratitude. – The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1) by Shoghi Effendi
  2. None but general principles, equally applicable to all portions of the continent of Australia, are embodied in this report; and I am particularly solicitous that that portion of it which commences at the 21st paragraph should receive consideration from your Lordship, as the whole machinery required to bring this plan into operation now exists in the different Australian colonies, and its full development would entail no expense whatever upon either the Home or local Governments. – Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2) by George Grey
  3. No one would do a benevolent action if he knew it would entail remorse. – The Fiend's Delight by Dod Grile
  4. For many days past has he been endeavouring to persuade me to devote our Clara to the service of the Church; but I know too well the misery and wretchedness it will entail on her, and firmly have I refused to sanction his plan. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. He then openly called himself Sir Herbert, took upon himself the property which became his by right of the entail, and issued orders for the preparation of his marriage settlement. – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  6. The least modification of one of these necessities would entail a marked change in our moral existence. – The Buried Temple by Maurice Maeterlinck
  7. 12, 611. Is that in consequence of the trouble it would entail in dividing the fish? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  8. They accepted the status and the authority, but they were confused about the responsibility that art did or did not entail. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  9. Bob's restless nature would not permit of his taking up the claim under the homestead law, for that would entail residence on the property for more years than Bob could afford to remain away from his beloved desert; hence he decided to acquire it by purchase as state lieu land at a time when he knew there were no available school lands lying outside restricted areas. – The Long Chance by Peter B. Kyne
  10. When Sabina represented to him what a large outlay these new measures would entail, he replied: " We do not allow the veterans to perish who placed their lives, and limbs at the service of the state. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  11. It would entail a great amount of trouble and I cannot see how it could be carried out. – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  12. If a chap loses a leg or an arm or both, he'll say, " I lost mine," but when there is a wound, no matter how serious, yet which does not entail the loss of a visible part of the body, we say, " I got mine." – Private Peat by Harold R. Peat
  13. The policy might entail some incidental hardships, to be sure, but the end in view was protection of American lives and property. – Jefferson and his Colleagues A Chronicle of the Virginia Dynasty, Volume 15 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Allen Johnson
  14. In truth, being still sore from the insult offered me at the banquet, I wanted to throw up my part; but, after consideration of the difficulties it would entail upon my entertainers, and others who had been courteous to me, I forced myself to stick to my role cheerfully, and to do my best at it. – Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman by Willie Walker Caldwell
  15. Not to serve the monarch or the husband of his new mistress in Villagarcia, but merely to lighten her own hard fate, he had not ceased to represent what consequences it might entail upon her if she should continue to defy the Emperor's command so obstinately. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  16. He reflected that he could ill afford any delay in dressing for a distant dinner- that good manners oft entail inconvenience- but of course he said: Delighted. – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  17. She saw that Hester, always delicate, was making an enormous effort under conditions which would be certain to entail disastrous effects on her health. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  18. I pointed out to them the ruin they would entail upon me, and gave my solemn promise that I would see justice done to the child. – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  19. To overcome them, it was necessary to provide a sufficient force, and to dispose that force in the manner best calculated to insure the passage, as well as to entail the least exposure. – Admiral Farragut by A. T. Mahan