Definitions of engross

  1. To be occupied in engrossing as a clerk.
  2. To amass.
  3. To copy or write in a large hand ( en gross, i. e., in large); to write a fair copy of in distinct and legible characters; as, to engross a deed or like instrument on parchment.
  4. To seize in the gross; to take the whole of; to occupy wholly; to absorb; as, the subject engrossed all his thoughts.
  5. To purchase either the whole or large quantities of, for the purpose of enhancing the price and making a profit; hence, to take or assume in undue quantity, proportion, or degree; as, to engross commodities in market; to engross power.
  6. To monopolize; to occupy wholly; as, business engrosses his attention; write in a large distinct round hand, as a public document.
  7. To occupy wholly, monopolize: to copy a writing in a large hand or in distinct characters.
  8. To seize or buy in large quantities; take up the whole of; copy in a large hand.
  9. To write in a bold, round hand; make a formal copy of.
  10. To occupy completely; absorb.
  11. engage or engross wholly; " Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely"
  12. engross ( oneself) fully; " He immersed himself into his studies"
  13. To take up or occupy the whole of; to monopolize; to purchase large quantities of a commodity for the purpose of making a profit by enhancing the price; to copy in a large hand or distinct legible characters for preservation, as a record; to take or assume in undue quantity or degree.
  14. To copy in a fair large hand- generally said of legal documents.
  15. To occupy the whole, as the thoughts; to take or assume in undue quantities or degrees.
  17. Engrossment.