Quotes of engineering

  1. I was always fascinated by engineering Maybe it was an attempt maybe to get my father's respect or interest, or maybe it was just a genetic love of technology, but I was always trying to build things. – James Cameron
  2. I like engineering but I love the creative input. – John Dykstra
  3. You had to make a camera look like it's traveling at 300 mph, but you couldn't make it actually travel at 300 mph so you had to slow everything down and build devices to do that. So you were constantly engineering – John Dykstra
  4. A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. There are no prima donnas in engineering – Freeman Dyson
  5. And then, when I went into the Navy, there was no choice. You took about half of the hours during your naval training as naval courses and the other half were engineering – Daniel J. Evans
  6. But I decided I wanted more education and I had to make a choice between starting law school, which was interesting to me, and going for a graduate degree in engineering – Daniel J. Evans
  7. With the advent of genetic engineering the time required for the evolution of new species may literally collapse. – Dee Hock
  8. Asian countries produce eight times as many engineering bachelors as the United States, and the number of U. S. students graduating at the masters and PhD levels in these areas is declining. – Mark Kennedy
  9. Instead of an attic with a few test tubes, bits of wire and odds and ends, the attack on the atomic nucleus has required the development and construction of great instruments on an engineering scale. – Ernest Lawrence
  10. The Web is now philosophical engineering Physics and the Web are both about the relationship between the small and the large. – Tim Berners Lee
  11. I don't really like to talk specifically about customers by name- but we work with nearly all the leading manufacturers of consumer products worldwide and at quite a detailed engineering level. – David Milne
  12. The public should know that the liability issues here have yet to be resolved, or even raised. If you're a farmer and you're growing a genetically engineering food crop, those genes are going to flow to the other farm. – Jeremy Rifkin
  13. Leonardo Da Vinci combined art and science and aesthetics and engineering that kind of unity is needed once again. – Ben Shneiderman
  14. The cloning of humans is on most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with behaviour control, genetic engineering transplanted heads, computer poetry and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers. – Lewis Thomas
  15. Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence. – Niklaus Wirth

Usage examples for engineering

  1. Human Engineering will be the science by which the great social problems will be solved. – Manhood of Humanity. by Alfred Korzybski
  2. But what has drawin's to do with engineering I'd like to know. – Jess of the Rebel Trail by H. A. Cody
  3. In the engineering end, you don't have as much of that, Homer, as we do, but I tell you, it's a fright the amount of stuff we have to learn. – The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  4. Recent experience of formal methods of conciliation and of sliding scales, especially in the mining, engineering and metal industries, as well as the failure of some of the most important profit- sharing experiments, shows that we must be satisfied with slow progress in these direct endeavours after arbitration. – Problems of Poverty by John A. Hobson
  5. No engineering terms, please! – Betty Trevor by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey
  6. Yes; he's engineering it. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston
  7. All this demanded no little engineering skill; in fact, the creation of Babylonia was the birth of the science of engineering – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations by Archibald Sayce
  8. It was impressive, but nothing to the engineering and industrial equipment. – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  9. Engineering has been my major work for twenty years and more. – Opportunities in Engineering by Charles M. Horton
  10. This canal will be one of the greatest engineering feats of the twentieth century; a greater engineering feat than has yet been accomplished during the history of mankind. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  11. When a captain in the 12th Royal Infantry he was attached to the engineer department in Ireland, published a book on Field Engineering in 1756, and commenced a survey of Ireland. – Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry by Thomas Davis Commentator: T. W. Rolleston
  12. Astro's involved and detailed reply in engineering terms was almost gibberish to Tom, but he understood enough of the unit construction to sense that Astro had done something extraordinary. – Treachery in Outer Space by Carey Rockwell and Louis Glanzman
  13. Long since he had discovered his talent for difficult engineering problems, and with experience had come confidence in his powers. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  14. If I'm busy, I've got a pretty good technical library- if you're interested in engineering and some photographs of scenery and construction work. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  15. His presence signified to us that this marvelous piece of engineering was the product of his skill in plan and execution. – The Chief Engineer by Henry Abbott
  16. But I do not think it required much engineering – Change in the Village by (AKA George Bourne) George Sturt
  17. It was destined to endure through all the horrors of the great war, a stronger protection to Vienna than all the fortifications which the engineering art could invent. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  18. Sanitary Science and Engineering – Chlorination of Water by Joseph Race
  19. The University of Nevada has the best equipped school of Mining Engineering in the Western States; it also has a summer course on several interesting subjects, which often is taken advantage of by many who find time passing slowly, and wish to " brush up a bit." – Reno A Book of Short Stories and Information by Lilyan Stratton
  20. His mental powers were still vigorous, and his energy but little impaired: his strong constitution, his regular habits of life, the systematic relief which he obtained by short holiday expeditions whenever he found himself worn with work, and his keen interest in history, poetry, classics, antiquities, engineering and other subjects not immediately connected with his profession, had combined to produce this result. – Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy

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