Definitions of engineer

  1. a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
  2. the operator of a railway locomotive
  3. design as an engineer; " He engineered the water supply project"
  4. A person skilled in the principles and practice of any branch of engineering. See under Engineering, n.
  5. One who manages as engine, particularly a steam engine; an engine driver.
  6. One who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance; an efficient manager.
  7. To lay out or construct, as an engineer; to perform the work of an engineer on; as, to engineer a road.
  8. To use contrivance and effort for; to guide the course of; to manage; as, to engineer a bill through Congress.
  9. One who is skilled in the principles or practice of any branch of mechanical science; one who has charge of and manages an engine or locomotive; one of an army corps which builds bridges, roads, etc., for military use; one who carries through a scheme or undertaking.
  10. To plan, lay out, or direct; plan and execute the construction of ( a road, canal, etc).
  11. An engine- maker or manager: one who directs military works and engines: a CIVIL ENGINEER, one who superintends the construction of public works: a MECHANICAL ENGINEER practices the avocation of the machinist, in executing the presses, mills, looms, and other great machines employed in the arts and manufactures, particularly in constructing steam- engines, and the apparatus by which they are rendered available for giving motion to ships, carriages, or machinery: one who manages military engines or artillery: an engine- driver; one who manages a railway engine; a person who attends to the machinery on board a steam- vessel: one who carries through any scheme or enterprise by skill or artful contrivance; a manager.
  12. To direct as an engineer the execution or formation of; to perform the office of an engineer in respect of; as, to engineer a canal, to engineer a tunnel through the Alps: to work upon; to ply; to try some scheme or plan upon. " Unless we engineered him with question after question we could get nothing out of him."- Cowper. Also to guide or manage by ingenuity and tact; to conduct through or over obstacles by contrivance and effort; as, to engineer a bill through a legislative body.
  13. One who has charge of the construction of military or public works; an engine- driver.
  14. To execute by contrivance.
  15. To plan and superintend the construction of.
  16. One versed in or practising engineering.
  17. One who runs an engine.
  18. To superintend the engineering of; to try engineering measures with; to manage to carry through, as by skill of engineering.

Usage examples for engineer

  1. You are an engineer, can you find this spring for me?" – The Worlds Greatest Books Vol. II: Fiction by Arthur Mee, J. A. Hammerton, Eds.
  2. Of course when such work is being driven, the eyes of an engineer have to be every moment on their work. – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin
  3. A Michigan woman once wrote me that her brother, who was an engineer on an express train that made daily trips between two Western cities, reported that many birds were struck by the engine every day, and killed- often as many as thirty on a trip of sixty miles. – Ways of Nature by John Burroughs
  4. Not an engineer thought of leaving his place, though they knew, better even than the deck officers, how mortally the ship was hurt. – Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  5. They were up against savage Nature, and she's still too strong for the engineer now and then, as I expect you'll shortly see. – Carmen's Messenger by Harold Bindloss
  6. Lord James at once went with the engineer into his office. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  7. A careful inspection threw no light on the cause of the damage, and the engineer asked permission to repair to the nearest port to repair the injury. – The Waif of the "Cynthia" by André Laurie and Jules Verne
  8. Is the man an engineer? – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  9. " Suppose you get the plans, B., and show them to me, and explain just what you mean," said the general manager, who was also a professional engineer of many years' successful experience. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  10. The one thing so far that was saving Walter from becoming a victim to his luxurious tastes was his real love of scientific knowledge and his desire to make of himself a first- class engineer. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  11. " Right," answered the engineer. – Tom of the Raiders by Austin Bishop
  12. It says any engineer." – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  13. When I said he was an engineer every one of the boys replied, " Oh! – The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton
  14. They say this engineer is seventy- eight years old, but I don't believe it. – Seeds of Pine by Janey Canuck
  15. " Well, now about the money," said the engineer. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  16. " Why, leave it as it is," said the engineer. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  17. If I put it through, I'll be recognized as a first- class engineer." – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet