Usage examples for endow

  1. In a word, it is necessary to deprive man of his native powers, in order to endow him with some which are alien to him, and of which he cannot make use without the aid of other people. – Selected Essays by Karl Marx
  2. " Maybe they expected father to endow the school," Bibbs murmured. – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  3. All the fairies in the land were invited to stand godmothers to the little princess, in the hope that each would endow her with some gift, as was customary in those days; by which means she would be adorned with every perfection and accomplishment that could be devised. – Bo-Peep Story Books by Anonymous
  4. And also, does it not follow that if this dead universe again lives, a superior power must draw back the scattered beams of light, heat, magnetism, and other forces, and re- endow the dead residuum? – Studies in the Out-Lying Fields of Psychic Science by Hudson Tuttle
  5. As the women owned a good share of the property of the State, and had been heavily taxed to build and endow that institution, it was but fair that they should share in its advantages. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  6. In past ages, history always began anew in that fashion, by the sudden shifting of oceans, the invasion of fierce rough races coming to endow weakened nations with new blood. – Fruitfulness Fecondite by Emile Zola
  7. This at least is true, that ages since I sinned for thee and against thee and another; that ages since I bought beauty and life indefinite wherewith I might win thee and endow thee at a cost which few would dare; that I have paid interest on the debt, in mockery, utter loneliness, and daily pain which scarce could be endured, until the bond fell due at last and must be satisfied. – Ayesha The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed by H. Rider Haggard
  8. Mr. Lowe was talking of the marriage service, of the absurdity of making everybody say, " With all my worldly goods I thee endow For instance, I had not a penny." – Lady-John-Russell by MacCarthy, Desmond
  9. To one she has given the gift of sagacity to achieve success in the world of trade; to another mechanical skill to create the ideals of inventive genius into reality; to another the highly artistic sense, and withholding these higher attributes from still others, she has chosen to endow them with a wealth of muscular force that the physical requirements of organized human effort might be made effective. – A Fleece of Gold Five Lessons from the Fable of Jason and the Golden Fleece by Charles Stewart Given
  10. I will endow you with everything that was her property. – A Christian But a Roman by Mór Jókai
  11. He told me that his elderly mistress wanted to become his wife, but that he would not hear of it, though she offered to endow him with all her worldly goods. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  12. But I will richly endow the Infants' Asylum, dear mother. – The Lost Lady of Lone by E.D.E.N. Southworth
  13. I shall not fail, I assure you, to endow several of the churches in Nantes, and I shall distribute the greater portion of my goods among the poor, to secure the salvation of my soul." – The Book of Were-Wolves by Sabine Baring-Gould
  14. John and Mary go to the altar, or to the justice of the peace, and John says: " With all my worldly goods I thee endow – The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society by Upton Sinclair
  15. Nothing great may be undertaken without wealth, and it is my duty to endow my sister properly. – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various
  16. On the birth of a baby they come down the chimney, to endow it and order its future. – La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages by Jules Michelet
  17. The new Master, to whom so recently they had given their allegiance- the Master who in return was to endow them with life everlasting. – Tarrano the Conqueror by Raymond King Cummings
  18. Of all the virtues with which man can endow himself surely none other is so odious as that justice which can teach itself to look down upon mercy almost as a vice! – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  19. When Amy lay dead, he saw the sheet of paper on which she had written the few lines necessary to endow him with all she left- everything 'to my dear brother'. – The Whirlpool by George Gissing
  20. According to the writer: An elemental is a center of force, without intelligence, as we understand the word, without moral character or tendencies similar to ours, but capable of being directed in its movements by human thoughts, which may, consciously or not, give it any form, and endow it to a certain extent with what we call intelligence. – The Best Psychic Stories by Various