Definitions of empire

  1. a group of diverse companies run as a single organization
  2. the domain ruled by an emperor or empress
  3. an eating apple that somewhat resembles a McIntosh; used as both an eating and a cooking apple
  4. a group of countries under a single authority; " the British empire"
  5. a monarchy with an emperor as head of state
  6. a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization
  7. Supreme power; sovereignty; sway; dominion.
  8. The dominion of an emperor; the territory or countries under the jurisdiction and dominion of an emperor ( rarely of a king), usually of greater extent than a kingdom, always comprising a variety in the nationality of, or the forms of administration in, constituent and subordinate portions; as, the Austrian empire.
  9. Any dominion; supreme control; governing influence; rule; sway; as, the empire of mind or of reason.
  10. The region ruled over by an emperor or sovereign; supreme power or dominion; imperial rule or sovereignty; sway; control.
  11. Dominions of an emperor; sovereignty.
  12. A country governed by an emperor; a powerful nation; wide and supreme dominion.
  13. Supreme control or sway; the territory, region, or countries under the sway of an emperor, usually of greater extent than a kingdom; the people of an empire; the German Empire, called also the Holy Roman Empire; any region, land, or water under sway.
  14. The dominions of an emperor, usually including several nations or nationalities; dominion; supreme control; governing influence or command.

Usage examples for empire

  1. " You're either the wonder child of the British Empire or its champion fool," remarked Price somewhat waspishly, as he prepared to leave me alone with the Callender- Graham dossier. – Lord John in New York by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. At this time the King of a mighty empire was at war, and the youth took service with him, and with him went out to fight. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  3. She had been startled by the mere suggestion on the part of her companion that she had not been alone at the Great Empire Hotel. – The Mystery of the Four Fingers by Fred M. White
  4. And you were assured of jewels to buy an empire. – The Sky Is Falling by Lester del Rey
  5. Long live the Empire! – Semiramis and Other Plays Semiramis, Carlotta And The Poet by Olive Tilford Dargan
  6. It's all the Empire of Mexico now, and belongs to Spain. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson
  7. And Sophia wondered how she had established her empire and upon what it rested. – The Old Wives' Tale by Arnold Bennett
  8. This is the largest of the South American countries, and the only empire in the New World. – Alden's Handy Atlas of the World by John B. Alden
  9. Nine years since the breaking of a vast empire. – Despoilers of the Golden Empire by Gordon Randall Garrett
  10. The key to an empire! – Montlivet by Alice Prescott Smith
  11. What lands were included in his empire? – Studies in Old Testament History by Jesse L. Hurlbut
  12. They have never since the breaking up of old Rome been united into one single empire; they have never formed one whole even like the United States. – Bible-Readings-for-the-Home-Circle by
  13. Nearly the whole empire had to be reconquered under much the same conditions as in the first instance. – History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 7 (of 12) by G. Maspero
  14. The tomb is attributed to the early years of the Empire. – Walks in Rome by Augustus J.C. Hare
  15. Why do we leave this empire untouched? – Our National Defense: The Patriotism of Peace by George Hebard Maxwell
  16. This was part of the price of empire- the life of a young woman, a bride of a year. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  17. At that moment he would have had her if the empire itself had fallen for it. – The Way of the Gods by John Luther Long
  18. The two previous times he had met this creature it had been in ruins of the old empire. – The Defiant Agents by Andre Alice Norton
  19. I can just imagine the people saying, 'I guess the Empire people got after him. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
  20. Of the people in Austria the citizens of the Empire knew little. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag