Usage examples for egress

  1. However, he began digging above the point of egress in the resistant blue clay, and late that afternoon was down to bedrock again. – The Heritage of the Hills by Arthur P. Hankins
  2. Joyce, in her perplexity, dared to place her back against it, preventing his egress. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  3. Then she fled with him to the door and pushed him outside, bolted it and then placed herself in front of it, as though to bar her husband's egress. – The Son of His Mother by Clara Viebig
  4. I went to the egress and asked the sentinel how many hundreds had passed out? – The-Life-of-Phineas-T-Barnum by Benton, Joel
  5. The fire which had practically burnt itself out north of Telegraph Hill was revived by the wind and bursting into a blaze crept toward the East, threatening the destruction of the entire water front, including the Union ferry depot, the only means of egress from the devastated city. – Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror by Richard Linthicum Trumbull White Samuel Fallows
  6. He was killed a few moments later when the Indians, not knowing of the egress into the garden and believing that all the Spaniards were inside the burning building, came round to the other side of the Storehouse. – Bartholomew de Las Casas; his life, apostolate, and writings by Francis Augustus MacNutt
  7. One glance they threw towards the young matron at the opposite end of the piazza, and then it seemed as though Mrs. Frazier promptly precipitated herself into the doorway again, as though to block it against Barclay's possible egress. – A Trooper Galahad by Charles King
  8. So far as Renwick could see, the ruined part of Schloss Szolnok was isolated, with no mode of egress from the habitable part. – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  9. She turned to the left and found her egress stopped- to the right- yes, there was a door. – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  10. For the first half of the distance they had, they believed, followed the track marked on the map, but they then found themselves at the head of a deep valley from which they could discover no egress, and it was therefore clear that they must have misunderstood the marks and have taken a wrong turning somewhere. – The Golden Canyon Contents: The Golden Canyon; The Stone Chest by G. A. Henty
  11. No oil well, gas well or test well shall be drilled nearer than three hundred feet to any opening to a mine used as a means of ingress or egress for persons employed therein, nor nearer than one hundred feet to any building or inflammable structure connected therewith, and actually used as a part of the operating equipment of said mine. – Mining Laws of Ohio, 1921 by Anonymous
  12. The Carthaginian general, foreseeing his fate, endeavoured to make his escape by one of seven secret passages leading from his house; but his enemies had found them out, and were therefore certain of finding him at home; for they had taken care to bar his egress. – The Comic History of Rome by Gilbert Abbott Becket
  13. But Tharon stopped the reluctant egress. – Tharon of Lost Valley by Vingie E. Roe
  14. Not the slightest care had been taken to provide for the subsistence of so many unfortunate people, either while in the place they were to embark from, or while on the road to reach it; by night they were shut up, with nothing to eat, in barns, or in the dry ditches of the towns they stopped in, all means of egress being forbidden them. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 13 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  15. Karl saw it coming and flew to open the outer door for its better egress. – A Versailles Christmas-Tide by Mary Stuart Boyd
  16. Tradition also says that the place was built, for the same reason, with two modes of egress, that the good men in the pulpit might have an additional chance of safety. – The Religious Life of London by J. Ewing Ritchie