Definitions of editor

  1. a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication
  2. ( computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data
  3. a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text ( especially of a newspaper or magazine)
  4. One who edits; esp., a person who prepares, superintends, revises, and corrects a book, magazine, or newspaper, etc., for publication.
  5. One who superintends, revises, or prepares a literary work for publication; one who conducts a newspaper, magazine, etc.
  6. One who edits a book or journal.
  10. One who edits; one having charge of a publication.
  11. A person who superintends the impression of a book, or who revises, corrects, and prepares it for publication; one who superintends the preparation or publication of a magazine or journal.
  12. One who superintends the publication of a book, magazine, or newspaper.

Usage examples for editor

  1. Cowan, the gray- haired sporting editor was telling whimsical stories of the " old days" when he had been a cub. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  2. It was the editor of the True Blue who said this. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  3. " Perhaps it would be best for you to go by yourself," the editor admitted. – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt
  4. Well, he came back after the fight was over, all puffed up and important, and they told him the city editor wanted him. – Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers
  5. I'm a newspaper man, you know, and there isn't anything a city editor likes better than he does a human interest story. – Mary Rose of Mifflin by Frances R. Sterrett
  6. What a field for the news editor of the greatest paper in the land! – A Republic Without a President and Other Stories by Herbert Ward
  7. It doesn't sound much from a newspaper editor but it's as much as he can afford. – General John Regan 1913 by George A. Birmingham
  8. The hearty thanks of both author and editor are due to Messrs. – A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898 by Henry R. Plomer
  9. " Oh yes; I was editor of a morning paper," he explained. – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  10. In 1763 a volume of letters of Francis Bacon was issued under the same editor – The Mystery of Francis Bacon by William T. Smedley
  11. Mrs. Dodge was the only one of the company who had the least capacity as an editor and her work was confined to the children's pages. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston
  12. Dear Editor There is one question I would like to ask. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various
  13. The young editor was in despair. – Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  14. " Wait a moment," said the editor – Captain Jinks, Hero by Ernest Crosby
  15. The matter was submitted to the editor – Watch Yourself Go By by Al. G. Field
  16. The editor ventured to object, and the passage was tried on the piano, at the Composer's request. – The Shadow World by Hamlin Garland
  17. After having lived in the enjoyment of this blessing for nearly thirty years, she was asked by the editor of 'The Officer' to write her experience. – The Angel Adjutant of "Twice Born Men" by Minnie L. Carpenter
  18. I should not feel quite in my element in a house where the editor of a Sunday newspaper was an attractive guest. – The Enchanted Typewriter by John Kendrick Bangs
  19. I cannot be the editor of The World of Art, as I cannot live in Petersburg, ... – Letters of Anton Chekhov by Anton Chekhov Translated by Constance Garnett
  20. You convince me that Little Mac's devotion is extraordinary, continued Captain Bob Shorty, dreamily; but he don't come up to a chap I once knew, which was a editor – The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 1 by Robert H. Newell