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  1. Ed Sullivan will be around as long as someone else has talent. – Fred Allen
  2. I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything. – Jennifer Connelly
  3. Every day President Bush and Congress refuse to fulfill their obligation to special ed is another day Wisconsin property taxpayers are stuck with the bill. It's unfair, irresponsible and must stop. – Jim Doyle
  4. I don't think Ed Sullivan had anything to do with Carib Song. – Katherine Dunham
  5. When they released Sidewalks of New York, there were some shots with the towers they were going to take out, and Ed told them no. I don't think they can deny the towers were a part of New York. – Dennis Farina
  6. In 1967, the students at San Francisco State invited the poet Amiri Baraka to the campus for a semester. He attracted other influential black writers such as Sonia Sanchez, Ed Bullins, Eldridge Cleaver. What emerged was something we called the community communications program. That's how I got involved; I got involved in a little play. – Danny Glover
  7. My friend Ed Begley goes fishing. It's a little smelly to me, I don't like it so much. I like to eat fish, but I don't like to catch them. – Jeff Goldblum
  8. Say what you will about him Ed Koch is still the best show in town. – Pete Hamill
  9. Actors I admire? Ed Harris, or course, I think he's terrific; because I know he always had to fight being what he looked like a lot, but I think he's a terrific actor. – Anthony Hopkins
  10. It's a matter of style. The Evan Hunter style and the Ed McBain style are very, very different. – Evan Hunter
  11. So Chuck and I looked at that and we hacked on em for a while, and eventually we ripped the stuff out of em and put some of it into what was then called en, which was really ed with some em features. – Bill Joy
  12. The reason I use ed is that I don't want to lose what's on the screen. – Bill Joy
  13. And watching Ed he's really coming into his own doing some new things onstage I've never seen him do. He's really getting into it, putting 120 percent into the show. We feel comfortable and excited. – Mike McCready
  14. Don may yawn at the idea, which he often does, but the great thing about Don, he has confidence in me and Mike and Ed and Leslie and Steve, that we're not going go out and do stories that will put people to sleep. – Morley Safer
  15. I grew up in the 1950s and '60s, when it was almost a holiday when a black act would go on Ed Sullivan. – Al Sharpton

Usage examples for ed

  1. Vol. 13. Peter Pan ed – U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1959 January - June by U.S. Copyright Office
  2. Paris, 1875, 2d ed – The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 by Rupert Hughes
  3. Dr. Ed rose and wandered around the room. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  4. Sir A. W. Ward, ed – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  5. 1489, extracts from ed – Early English Meals and Manners by Various
  6. " I'd like to," said Skipper Ed – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace
  7. It would have been Ed Caspian's. – The Lightning Conductor Discovers America by C. N. (Charles Norris) Williamson and A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson
  8. A learn ed man. – Practical Grammar and Composition by Thomas Wood
  9. " Howd'y, Ed Jim began, " I've jumped the Mescalero Reservation, headed north. – The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier by Edgar Beecher Bronson
  10. Did you want to see Lawyer Ed – The End of the Rainbow by Marian Keith
  11. The following potion has given excellent results to Dr. Ed – The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines by T. H. Pardo de Tavera
  12. Tell him I'm here, Ed – The Gray Mask by Wadsworth Camp
  13. Ed stepped cautiously to one side. – Cat and Mouse by Ralph Williams
  14. New York City ed – U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1962 July - December by U.S. Copyright Office
  15. For the New York Stock Exchange, figures are taken from Pratt's Work of Wall Street, 1912 ed – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
  16. I ain't tellin' no secrets to anybody but Ed here, and he ain't lived in East Harniss long or he'd know it already. – The Depot Master by Joseph C. Lincoln
  17. If Ed was present at such times he would look up from his paper to say, " The kids'll never thank you for it, Marsh." – Gigolo by Edna Ferber
  18. His first reference to Courtenay's membership occurs in his journal entry of 19 January 1790. See Private Papers of James Boswell, ed – A Poetical Review of the Literary and Moral Character of the late Samuel Johnson (1786) by John Courtenay
  19. Ecaudata in the collection of the British Museum, ed – A Synopsis of Neotropical Hylid Frogs, Genus Osteocephalus by Linda Trueb William E. Duellman
  20. Letting her hand fall to her side, Mandi said, That wasn't the plan, Ed – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt

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