Definitions of Earmarked

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Usage examples for Earmarked

  1. But, in a little open space among the cedars, the cowboy saw Yavapai Joe, standing beside a calf, fresh- branded with the Four- Bar- M iron, and earmarked with the Tailholt marks. – When A Man's A Man by Harold Bell Wright
  2. It is expected that the operations of the Commodity Credit Corporation will be financed during the coming year through the 500 million dollars of lend- lease funds which the Congress has earmarked for price support purposes, a supplemental appropriation to restore impaired capital of the Corporation, and the borrowing authority of the Corporation. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. But James P. had no more petrol, and the Germans refused to supply him with any, because his car had already been earmarked for General von Schmack's Staff. – General Bramble by André Maurois
  4. Even in that case an earmarked subsidy would be out of place. – The Framework of Home Rule by Erskine Childers
  5. He is quoting a favourite phrase- that a certain item of revenue has been earmarked for a particular purpose. – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  6. We have already seen how the Mongolian has earmarked the whole Far East for his own, and in subsequent pages we shall see how he also beats restlessly against the white world's race- frontiers. – The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Theodore Lothrop Stoddard
  7. That calf's branded an' earmarked all complete. – Paradise Bend by William Patterson White
  8. " Tires intended for the Wilson war plant are earmarked and shipped out from here. – Ghost Beyond the Gate by Mildred A. Wirt
  9. She had already earmarked a congenial billet at The Shrubbery, Hawthorne. – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  10. Andrew's earmarked for somebody else. – Johnstone of the Border by Harold Bindloss
  11. After several weeks' negotiations, and a thorough study of the question, an agreement was struck up between the Imperial Russian Bank and the Banque de France, by which the latter institution placed at the disposal of the former the requisite sum in francs which was specially earmarked for the payment of Russia's private debts in Paris. – England and Germany by Emile Joseph Dillon
  12. More importantly, those nutrient reserves earmarked especially for making babies are also deficient. – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
  13. The symbols must be earmarked. – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
  14. Yet every furlong of the drive was earmarked for me, as it were, by some detail perfectly familiar. – I Saw Three Ships and Other Winter Tales by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  15. The other three thousand were earmarked for office expenses. – Sanders of the River by Edgar Wallace
  16. " This spot has been especially earmarked for Leonidas," I said to my mother, with a wink at Helen. – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford