Definitions of dun

  1. To ask or beset, as a debtor, for payment; to urge importunately.
  2. To cure, as codfish, in a particular manner, by laying them, after salting, in a pile in a dark place, covered with salt grass or some like substance.
  3. To urge, especially for a debt.
  4. To demand a debt with din or noise: to urge for payment:- pr. p. dunningp; pa. p. dunned'.
  5. To press for payment.
  6. make a dun color
  7. cure by salting; " dun codfish"
  8. persistently ask for overdue payment; " The grocer dunned his customers every day by telephone"
  9. To cure fish so as to impart to them a dun colour.
  10. To urge for payment of a debt; to call or ask for frequently.
  11. A mound or small hill.
  12. One who duns; a dunner.
  13. An urgent request or demand of payment; as, he sent his debtor a dun.
  14. A person who presses persistently for payment of a debt; a request for payment.
  15. One who duns: a demand for payment.
  16. A dun color; an importunate creditor; demand for payment.
  17. Of a dark color; brownish.
  18. An importunate creditor who urges for payment; an urgent request or demand of payment in writing.
  19. A mound; among the ancient Britons a circular tower, or small fortress, erected on the summit of a hill.
  20. An importunate creditor or visitor.
  21. See dune.
  22. of a dull grayish brown to brownish gray color; " the dun and dreary prairie"
  23. Of a dark color; of a color partaking of a brown and black; of a dull brown color; swarthy.
  24. Of a dull brown color.
  25. Of a dark color, partly brown and black.
  26. Of a dull, dark brown color.
  27. Of a dark brown colour; dark; gloomy.
  28. Of a dark- brown colour.
  29. Dunned.