Definitions of dry

  1. become dry or drier; " The laundry dries in the sun"
  2. a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages
  3. practicing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages; " he's been dry for ten years"; " no thank you; I happen to be teetotal"
  4. lacking warmth or emotional involvement; " a dry greeting"; " a dry reading of the lines"; " a dry critique"
  5. having a large proportion of strong liquor; " a very dry martini is almost straight gin"
  6. without a mucous or watery discharge; " a dry cough"; " that rare thing in the wintertime; a small child with a dry nose"
  7. humorously sarcastic or mocking; " dry humor"; " an ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning obliquely"; " an ironic novel"; " an ironical smile"; " with a wry Scottish wit"
  8. suffering from fluid deprivation; " his mouth was dry"
  9. having no adornment or coloration; " dry facts"; " rattled off the facts in a dry mechanical manner"
  10. not producing milk; " a dry cow"
  11. used of solid substances in contrast with liquid ones; " dry weight"
  12. remove the moisture from and make dry; " dry clothes"; " dry hair"
  13. lacking interest or stimulation; dull and lifeless; " a dry book"; " a dry lecture filled with trivial details"; " dull and juiceless as only book knowledge can be when it is unrelated to... life"- John Mason Brown
  14. ( of food) eaten without a spread or sauce or other garnish; " dry toast"; " dry meat"
  15. unproductive especially of the expected results; " a dry run"; " a mind dry of new ideas"
  16. ( of wines) not sweet because of decomposition of sugar during fermentation; " a dry white burgundy"
  17. not shedding tears; " dry sobs"; " with dry eyes"
  18. free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet; " dry land"; " dry clothes"; " a dry climate"; " dry splintery boards"; " a dry river bed"; " the paint is dry"
  19. opposed to or prohibiting the production and sale of alcoholic beverages; " the dry vote led by preachers and bootleggers"; " a dry state"
  20. Of vegetable matter: Free from juices or sap; not succulent; not green; as, dry wood or hay.
  21. Of animals: Not giving milk; as, the cow is dry.
  22. Of persons: Thirsty; needing drink.
  23. Of the eyes: Not shedding tears.
  24. Of certain morbid conditions, in which there is entire or comparative absence of moisture; as, dry gangrene; dry catarrh.
  25. Destitute of that which interests or amuses; barren; unembellished; jejune; plain.
  26. Characterized by a quality somewhat severe, grave, or hard; hence, sharp; keen; shrewd; quaint; as, a dry tone or manner; dry wit.
  27. Exhibiting a sharp, frigid preciseness of execution, or the want of a delicate contour in form, and of easy transition in coloring.
  28. To make dry; to free from water, or from moisture of any kind, and by any means; to exsiccate; as, to dry the eyes; to dry one's tears; the wind dries the earth; to dry a wet cloth; to dry hay.
  29. To grow dry; to become free from wetness, moisture, or juice; as, the road dries rapidly.
  30. To shrivel or wither; to lose vitality.
  31. Free from moisture; having little humidity or none; arid; not wet or moist; deficient in the natural or normal supply of moisture, as rain or fluid of any kind; - said especially: ( a) Of the weather: Free from rain or mist.
  32. To evaporate wholly; to be exhaled; - said of moisture, or a liquid; - sometimes with up; as, the stream dries, or dries up.
  33. Free from moisture or wetness; not yielding juices; without interest; unintentionally humorous or quaint; without sweetness or fruity flavor; thirsty; solid, as opposed to liquid; as, dry measure.
  34. To free from moisture or juice; stop the flow of; parch.
  35. To lose or be deprived of moisture.
  36. Dryly, drily.
  37. Dryness.
  38. Drier.
  39. Driest.
  40. Free from moisture: deficient in moisture: without sap: not green: not giving milk: thirsty: uninteresting: frigid, precise.
  41. To free from water or moisture: to exhaust.
  42. To become dry: to become free from juice: to evaporate entirely:- pr. p. drying; pa. p. dried'.
  43. Thirsty.
  44. Dryly.
  45. To make dry.
  46. Without moisture; without rain; not giving milk; uninteresting; precise; sarcastic.
  47. To make or become dry; evaporate; wither; often followed by up.
  48. Lacking moisture; not fresh; not green.
  49. Lacking interest; lifeless; dull.
  50. Slyly jocose or satirical.
  51. Destitute of moisture; free from rain or mist; free from juice, sap, oraqueous matter; without tears; not giving milk; thirsty; jejune; without interest; severe; sarcastic; formally cold or precise; sharply or frigidly precise in execution, or wanting a delicate contour in form.
  52. To free from or deprive of water or moisture; to deprive of natural juice, sap, or greenness; to scorch or parch with thirst; to drain; to exhaust.
  53. To grow dry; to evaporate wholly; to be exhaled. To dry up, to deprive wholly of water; to wither; to suspend talking for want of matter.
  54. Free from water or moisture; not rainy not juicy; arid; thirsty; barren; void of interest, as applied to persons; sarcastic; severe; humorous.
  55. To free from water or moisture, as by wiping; to lose moisture.

Antonyms for dry

fascinating, cockeyed, hospitable, rainy, sloppy, affectionate, unhumorous, submerge, submerged, gaseous, fervent, Wettish, bedew, stinking, Attracting, devoted, neighborly, charming, fiery, social, juiced, overgrown, muggy, consuming, blind, potted, sultry, showery, grow, steaming, rousing, exhilarating, sloshed, dripping, captivating, saturated, loving, energizing, washed, quaggy, drizzly, Bathed, vehement, bedewed, misty, expansive, verdant, sopping, besprent, lubricate, astonishing, moist, luxuriant, engrossing, affable, electrifying, stirring, fleshy, awesome, soppy, damp, communicative, pickled, Superheated, besotted, wet down, arresting, bombed, absorbing, pouring, enlivening, wasted, warm-blooded, dank, marshy, mucky, lush, gregarious, awash, astounding, pulpy, demonstrative, intriguing, friendly, religious, congenial, fried, cordial, waterlogged, Involving, boozy, galvanizing, warm, wet, savory, amazing, sottish, charged, grow up, gripping, agreeable, drench, hot-blooded, precipitating, succulent, muddy, blotto, surprising, passionate, companionable, hydrated, tight, saturate, emotional, bewitching, inundate, sociable, stimulating, clubbable, Passional, fancy, tender, oiled, engaging, blitzed, pungent, develop, inebriate, sloughy, sweet, poignant, grown, moisten, red hot, dampish, marvelous, wonderful, enchanting, intoxicated, nonalcoholic, zesty, kindly, waterlog, pert, stoned, suspenseful, tipsy, productive, tacky, blazing, juicy, entrancing, attractive, steamy, smashed, folksy, humorless, sensational, flooded, interesting, drowned, ripen, squiffed, fond, breathtaking, stiff, drown, inundated, soaking, Doused, tenderhearted, glowing, looped, Hammered, miry, genial, stewed, submerse, soused, fresh, clammy, feverish, salty, Overflowed, Gassed, convivial, plastered, dewy, ripped, swampy, bedraggled, enthralling, watery, ardent, incandescent, beguiling, boggy, Rheumy, extroverted, amiable, entertaining, perfervid, inebriated, outgoing, gracious, soaked, alluring, intense, overwhelm, boon, zingy, canned, loaded, Water-soak, talkative, grease, riveting, fervid, torrid, swamped, reeking, animating, water-soaked, stormy, engulf, liquid, tiddly, undried, dampen, soggy, clubby, tanked, amusing, spectacular, burning, exciting, wiped out, moving, wondrous, flaming, Logged, water, mesmerizing, eye-opening, bathe, thrilling, sozzled, phlegmy, drippy, humourless, garrulous, touching, impregnate, diverting, green, sodden, rip-roaring, tearful, lit up, provocative, fabulous, inspiring, bedraggle, sticky, crocked, squashy, hair-raising, lactating, drenched, Deluged, tantalizing, macerate, adoring, blasted, watered, leafy, humid, invigorating, spellbinding.

Quotes of dry

  1. Rarely do pens go dry in restaurants. – Nicholson Baker
  2. But what if I fail of my purpose here? It is but to keep the nerves at strain, to dry one's eyes and laugh at a fall, and baffled, get up and begin again. – Robert Browning
  3. It's hard when you see a scene where it's raining, and we have the rain machine, and you see it for 5 minutes, but that scene takes all day to shoot, and you do it with rain, and the dry off, and go back and do it again. – Morris Chestnut
  4. The Barks of Trees are best gathered in the Spring, if it be of great Trees, as Oaks or the like, because then they come easiest off, and so you may dry them if you please, but indeed your best way is to gather all Barks only for present use. – Nicholas Culpeper
  5. Doing a TV show, you're on an assembly line and it's as cut and dry as that. There are some shows that are exceptions. There are producers that want really special things. – James Darren
  6. If you were to destroy the belief in immortality in mankind, not only love but every living force on which the continuation of all life in the world depended, would dry up at once. – Fyodor Dostoevsky
  7. I will always have my songs and I don't think I will ever dry -up. – Barry Gibb
  8. I couldn't run a tight schedule, and if you're any good at teaching, you get sucked dry because you like your students and you're trying to help them, but you don't have any time left to write yourself. – Jim Harrison
  9. The future of the world belongs to the youth of the world, and it is from the youth and not from the old that the fire of life will warm and enlighten the world. It is your privilege to breathe the breath of life into the dry bones of many around you. – Tom Mann
  10. Economically, unfair trade will benefit nobody in the long run, as poorer countries will be bled totally dry and will become unable to produce anything. – Chris Martin
  11. He is very dry but also very funny... I think people tend to feel odd when I do my act. Unless you are an ironic person, it's not a good place for you to be. – Colin Quinn
  12. I have two ambitions in life: one is to drink every pub dry the other is to sleep with every woman on earth. – Oliver Reed
  13. Violent crime is a solved problem- all they have to do is repeal the laws that keep those intelligent, capable, and responsible men and women from arming themselves, and violent crime evaporates like dry ice on a hot summer day. – L. Neil Smith
  14. He was white and shaken, like a dry martini. – P. G. Wodehouse

Usage examples for dry

  1. " Dry your tears, Dorothy," he said kindly, " and we will walk along. – Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School by Margaret Penrose
  2. It was dry work for Cleve. – The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  3. Some were dry and dead. – The Blue Envelope by Roy J. Snell
  4. Here he took off his clothes and spread them in the sun to dry – American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge
  5. Joe laughed too, as he went off to get on some dry clothes. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  6. I'm afraid they'll never be dry enough for you to put on the first thing in the morning. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  7. I'm not hungry, Moira said, and I think my clothes are practically dry – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh
  8. " No," answered Nasmyth, with a dry smile. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
  9. Dry your eyes and come to the table. – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  10. " It's not a joke," he said, and his mouth was dry – No Man's Land by H. C. McNeile
  11. You run back to the house and help your mother get the dry clothes ready for me." – Short Cruises by W.W. Jacobs
  12. I thought this would happen after the spring started to go dry – Six Little Bunkers at Uncle Fred's by Laura Lee Hope
  13. That was long enough to see a faint, fine mist of dry ice snow falling. – Let'em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey
  14. Then I remembered that we were living on dry biltongue, and would be nothing the worse of a change. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  15. The King replied by a dry yes," and in a rather low tone, but which was heard by the four or five people on each side of him, and the Regent immediately announced the marriage. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  16. " Made good that time, Jones," said the colonel with a dry grin as the sergeant- major came forward. – The Kangaroo Marines by R. W. Campbell
  17. You say the camp has already gone dry – Empire Builders by Francis Lynde
  18. That name isn't dry yet! – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow
  19. Come in and dry your feet. – The Mountain Girl by Payne Erskine
  20. Well, well, he would dry her tears. – The Mayor of Troy by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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